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Sri Vishnupuranam etc

From: Bharat Asur (
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 22:50:50 PDT

Sri Harikrishna Wrote:
>If you are talking about 10.60.35, then I argue that
>you have misunderstood

No.Adiyen is talking about Sk VIII Ch 8 of Sri BH
where the subject matter of Sri VP I.9, i.e., 
Sri Lakshmi Swayamvaram is treated.

Let us take just two minutes to have a look at both
of these accounts-

In Sri VP IMMEDIATELY after her appearance Piratti
heads for her rightful place-"yayau vakhshasthalam
harEh".Then she smiles on Indra who gets his property
back and who immediately chants the famous Sri Stuti.
Sri ParASarar then sums up with a glowing account
of the Divine Couple,their eternal togetherness,
and their Mithuna SEshitvam towards all beings.

In the Sri BH account,immediately Sri is born all
those present covet her-"tasyAm chakruh spruhAm
sarve sa-surAsura-mAnvAh".then there is a sort of
Swayamvara,and in 4 stanzas she considers the merits
of all beings past and present and finally settles
on Hari,but He is absorbed in Himself.In stanza 23
the decision is given in favour of Mukunda who is
described as "NirapEksham Ipsitam".The great
commentator Sridhara swamin explains thus,"Ayam
bhAvah.Yadyapi swayam AtmArAmatvEna anya nirapEkshah
tathApi etc.."..She's saying that even though Hari
being immersed in Himself doesn't require anybody,
still if I go to Him He may not reject me just as He
would not reject the Good Things which seek refuge
in Him.I'm satisfied with that much alone.I'll make
myself blessed by serving Him.

Our own Sri ViSishtAdvaita commentator Sri VirarAghava
also doesn't add anything to this and he also employs
the same word NirapEksha.

Compare this cold,matter of fact description of the
union of the Divine couple with the encomiums poured
on PirATTi by Sri ParASara in the identical context.
Is aDiyEn still being accused of misleading in saying
that there ia fundamentally different approach in
both these great books?

ADiyEn is using the word "cold" here in re Sri Suka
deliberately.Sri Suka by nature is NOT a cold person.
There are hundreds of instances in Sri BH where while
speaking about the Lord's KalyANa GuNas he has
horripilation,goes into ecstasy and has to be
brought back to earth by ParIkshit to continue the
narrative.such a person seems to be strangely unmoved
 and adapts a documentary style of narration re
this supreme moment.

Le aDiyen use this opportunity to say something about
aDiyEn's exposure to Sri BH. For more than 20 years
aDiyEn was so hooked on to sri BH that the text was
always within reach wherever aDiyen went and to say
without exaggeration aDiyen could  quote chapter and
verse from it.Then aDiyen got acquainted with our
SampradAyam and at first it was a great shock to find
that none of our Great AchAryas seemed to care for
this divine book at all.So aDiyen tried to find out
why,and asked everyone and finally resolved the
into certain conclusions which aDiyen expressed
in this column.That in no way takes away aDiyen's
pleasure in rereading those lovely descriptions even
to this day.But at the same time aDiyEn also feels
that one's own preferences should not be allowed to
cloud what are plain facts.

Sri EmberumAnAr TiruvaDigaLE SaraNam!


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