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Re: [Nityakarmanushtanams ]

From: M.S.HARI (Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari) (
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 20:29:20 PDT

Dear Shree Venkat Iyengar S,

Nitya Karmanushtanams are many in number.
As per scriptures it is divided into 5 parts in a day.
I give it in brief as below:

Part I
Geting up from bed chanting Vaishnavite mantras, Sudhi, Bath, Mantra
isnaanan, Vastra Dhaaranam, Urdhva Pundra Dhaaranam, Doing Pratha
Sandyaavandanam and Mantra Japam. All these are to be done as per
scriptures with respective mantras. Nitya Oowpaasana homa is to be done.

Part II
This is collecting the materials required for Bhagavat Aaraadhana
like Tulasi etc with mantras. During noon, one must do the 
Maadyaahnika Sandyaavandana.

Part III
Doing Bhagavat Aaraadhana to Vishnu Moorthy or/and Saaligramaa moorthy.
This is elaborate with lot of kriya and angas. After this one must
do Vaisvaaranam. After this is praana agni hotra which is consuming
food with parisheshana mantras.

Part IV
This is study of Veda, Geetha, Brahma Sutra, works of Alvars and
Aachaaryas. During evening, one must do Saayam Sandyaavandana

Part V
This is sleeping. Here one has to contemplate on the Lotus feet of
Lord Lakshmi Naaraayana that His Lotus feet is resting on our head.

This almost applicable for Brahmachaaris as well as Grahastaas. For
Brahmachaaris, Veda Adyaayanam is most important. For Grahastaas
Atithi pooja (Worship of Guests) is most important. Apart from this
one has to do the naimitika karma (like pitru tarpanam, sraadham etc)
as per his qualification.

For doubts,clarrifications and questions please do write to me. I suggest 
reading of "Nitya Granta" of Bhagavat Raamaanuja in this regard.

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI Raamaanuja Daasan. 

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