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Periya Thirumozhi 8.7- Emperumaan- SarvEshwaran resides here permanently!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 20:45:44 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brother,

AzhwAr said in last ten, “Don’t worry. He is there at ThirukkaNNapuram.”. 
Here he goes further. Leave alone not worrying; we should even enjoy His 
darshan at ThirukkaNNapuram as mush as how we blissfully enjoy Him at 
Paramapadham. You should read them for its rhyming words and excellent 
chaste Tamil.

1.	ThirukkaNNapuram is the place where swans learn how to walk from its 
womenfolk’s gait. Here only Emperumaan, who killed the seven huge bulls and 
whose broad, mountain like chest got squeezed by the tender breasts of 
Nappinnai PiraaTTi, (who has Athma guNAs in its entirety) resides 

2.	ThirukkaNNApuram is the place where Srivaishnavas share their rich 
anubhavams and enjoyment of the kalyaNaguNAs of Emperumaan with each other. 
Emperumaan, who crawled in between the two marudha trees; who killed seven 
bulls at the swayamvaram in order to hug Nappinnai PiraaTTi, (having the 
pair of beautiful tender breasts) resides here permanently.

3.	When farmers work in their fields, the small rabbits that live in the 
holes, jump in front of the farmers’ faces; also the small fishes jump from 
the fields in front of their faces; In such a beautiful place of 
ThirukkaNNapuram, Emperumaan, whose nature is to save us only, and who saved 
the cattle and cowherd folks (who stood perturbed and worried with the 
torrential downpour like stones) by lifting effortlessly the huge Govardhana 
mountain resides here permanently.

4.	 ThirukkaNNapuram is the place where Periya PiraaTTi, Mahalaskhmi, the 
one who sits on the honey filled lotus flower, surrounded by bees. KaNNan, 
who enjoyed stealing the butter and eating them from the cowherd women folk 
homes, being laughed at and teased by people like Sisuapalan even, resides 
here permanently.

5.	 Emperumaan, the One who took the huge form and spread everywhere in the 
Universe during His Trivikraman avtaar, worshipped by Srivaishnava, Sages 
like Sanakar, Devas and chathur mukha Brahma et al; the one who became so 
angry and fought to kill the asurAs of lankA city as if burning the whole 
lankA city which was surrounded by tall ramparts- resides here permanently.

6.	Due to PeriyaPiraaTTi’s permanent stay on the lotus flower it looks 
always youthful and fresh; because of which always surrounded by bees 
humming musical tunes at ThirullaNNapuram. Emperumaan, who has the strong 
weapon in His Han and whose ThirumEni is like the rain laden dark cluster of 
beautiful clouds, resides here always.

7.	ThirukkaNNapuram is the place where Vedic scholars consider as the best 
place of residence for them to live in. Emperumaan- SarvEshwaran, who has 
under His control, the Sun, the Moon, the eight directions, the mountains, 
the Universe, the fire, etc. resides here permanently.

8.	ThirukkaNNapuram is the place where the fragrance of lotus flower fills 
the whole place due to the waters (where the lotus flowers grow) are churned 
and mixed with the ploughs of farmers. Emperumaan, who had measured the 
whole universe once; in whose large mountain like beautiful heart, Periya 
PiraaTTi always stays happily, resides at ThirukkaNNapuram only in order to 
let everyone pay obeisance to Him and take refuge at His Feet here and be 

9.	ThirukkaNNapuram is the place where the wooden silos are filled with 
gold. Emperumaan, who is gorgeous and so graceful like the blue hued gem 
stone, who has the strongest chakrA in his right resplendent hand, who is in 
his sitting posture along with Periya PiraaTTi who stays with Him for ever 
and BhUmi PiraaTTi also in his side at ThirukkaNNapuram, only for all of us 
to immerse ourselves fully with all our senses on His blissful beauty.

10.	Kaliyan, the nirvaahakar of Thirumangai, composes this ten. This ten is 
on Emperumaan of ThirukkaNNapuram, my Swami. Those who read this ten, will 
have all their sorrows and paapams get removed automatically and attain 

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana

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