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Re: Anya devata aradhana

From: sridhar ranganatha (
Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 09:34:42 PDT

Dear BhAgavatAs,
Thank you for answering adiyEn's questions. Is it specifically mentioned
by Bhagavath Ramauja that Anya Devata Aradhana(chantingSrirudram, Aditya
hridayam) would amount to 'Blasphemy' and would violate one's adherence
to Srivaishnavism. If so where is it mentioned?  What is the harm if the
bhagavata while fully realizing that the Antarayami in everything is
SrimanNArAyana worships other devatas but does the aradhana without
'Kama'  and Surrenders to the Supersoul of the Devatas, SrimanNArAyana.
AdiyEn has not had Samashrayanam. If someone has Samashrayanam and
Bharanyasam and the Acharya asks the bhagavata not to perform pooja for
any other devata other than Sriman NArAyana, then is the bhagavata bound
by what the Acharya says or read books to seek proofs for the same and
then decide one way or the other?  If one does anya devata worship in
addition to all the daily rites and prayers prescribed for a
srivaishnava, Will he still be denied Moksha by Sriman NarAyana?
AdiyEn is very  ignorant to even engage in this conversation so please
forgive and feel free to correct adiyEn and put him on the right path!
AdiyEn cannot read or write Tamil, only sanskrit and kannada. AdiyEn is
from Bangalore and speaks hebbar iyengar Tamil at home.  So i need books
on Prabhandam with Translation.  I have the book for Thiruvaizmuli but
not the translation(kannada or english) for rest of the 3000 pasarums.
Please suggest me some books.
sridhar ranganatha

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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