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RE: Learning and chanting rudram.

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 08:59:13 PDT

This is regarding the question on "whether to chant nyasam" while chanting 
rudram :

The laghu nyasam etc. are added since they made this rudra prasna chanting 
as a vehicle for worshipping Rudra as a separate deity.  Srivaishnavas do 
not chant these laghunyasa and anganyasa since they are meant for worship 
of Rudra.

In addition,  Srivaishnavas only chant these Rudram mantrams only as a part 
of recitation / practice of vedic recitation.  Srivaishnavas do not 
participate  in the worship of Rudra / Parvathi and hence do not 
participate in occasions specially meant for such worship.

The only occasions I know of orthodox srivaishnavas who chant rudram are :

1.  As a part of veda parayana gosti who chant the whole yajur veda or a 
major portion of it which contains Rudram

2.  AS a part of brahmha yajnam - a daily duty like sandhyavandana (which 
only few people do daily).  Incidentally the ritual brahmayajnam is 
designed for people with yajnopavitam to keep in touch with vedas.  They 
usually recite one / more anuvakams or stanzas of veda a day so that they 
wont forget.  This is an almost EXTINCT tradition among modern 

3.  As a part of an occasion such as "shraadhham" or some similar 
ceremonies, where such mantras from Rudram is ordained by the 
dharmashastras to be utilized. Even here the antaryami of such dieties is 
addressed dedicating these rituals to srimannarayanan.

4.  While learning the portion of rudram which is a part of yajur veda, 
when a person wants to practice and learn rudram as a part of learning 
vedas by heart.

NOTE:  Srivaishnavas do not participate in puja or worship specially meant 
for "AnyaDevatas" such as Rudra / Parvathi / Ganesha / Murugan / Aiyappa 
etc.  Hence when Rudram is chanted in such pujas srivaishnavas do not 
participate in chanting also.

One might ask :  "  I think of only the antaryami srimannarayanan while I 
visit and worship anya devatas".  This is unnecessary and circuitous while 
one can directly visit and worship in temples dedicated to srimannarayanan 
in his many forms.  On the other hand there are mantras in vedic karmas or 
rituals which might have been addressed to anyadevatas.  Such mantras only 
refer to the inner controller srimannarayana.  There are several proofs 
offered by Sri RAmanujacharya regarding this in vedartha samgraha.

Please dont mistake adiyen's writings that I am supporting anyadevata 
worship!.  However,  adiyen feels we should learn all parts of vedas 
irrespective of what mantrams it contains.  Hence one should learn rudram 
also. One should not have hatred to other dieties.   At the same time one 
should not give in to social / peer-pressure regarding these issues.  One 
should follow the tradition sincerely;  Particularly the ones who have 
undergone samasrayanam and bharanyasam.  Our acharya Srimad Azhagiasingar 
has made this very clear to me on many occasions.

adiyen Krishna Kalale

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