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Learning and chanting rudram.

From: Narasimhan Krishnamachari (
Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 05:03:25 PDT

I fully agree with SrI KalAle, SrI Murali KiDAmbi, SrI MaNi, et. al. on
the position regarding learning rudram. I have learned rudram from my
teacher here, and do chant it whenever I am called on to chant.   

The only question I have is regarding a portion called laghunyAsa,
which is also traditionally taught at least by non-vaishNava teachers
as part of teaching rudra. I believe this is not part of the veda, and
has been added by someone over the course of time, just as the latter
half of the  phalaSruti in SrI vishNu sahasranAmam is not part of the
original composition by veda vyAsa but has been added over a period of
time.  There are some references in the laghu nyAsa associated with SrI
rudra praSnam that I believe are not consistent with the SrIvaishNava
tradition.  I request SrI Kalale, Mani, Murali Kidambi, et al. to
clarify the position on chanting the laghu nyAsa. 

-dAsan kRshNamAcAryan 

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