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Re:Sri BhAshyakArar and Sri VP etc

From: A.Bharat (
Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 04:28:09 PDT

Dear BhAgavatOttamas
The criticisms of Srimans Anand Karalapkkam and
Harikrishna re aDiyEn's notes on the above subject
are perfectly valid wherever they refer to what
aDiyEn actually wrote.But certain ideas seem to have
suddenly arisen which ,at least to aDiyEn's mind,were
neither the points at issue,nor were mentioned to be
so by aDiyEn.

The two original points were 1.the possible reasons for Sri
EmberumAnAr's choosing SriVP rather than Sri BH
(and NOT whether either was inferior or whether
aDiyen thought either to be so)
2.Whether Sri EmberumAnAr quoted DP in his works.

ADiyEn's points regarding the first were the possible
explanations as usually accepted while studying the

And re the second,it is a fact He did NOT quote DP either
in original or translation.Neither did Swami Desikan
in the original,but as pointed out brilliantly by
Sri Anand he has translated a verse in His Gita
gloss.ADiyEn said the skt medium RESTRICTED his efforts
in his commentaries on StOtraratnam etc- and certainly
it did,otherwise he would have let himself go as he
does in dealing with the IDENTICAL verses in Sri
RahasyatrayasAram.By quoting further instances where
the deep knowledge of DP enlivened Sri EmberumAnAr's
commentaries,he has merely strengthened aDiYEn's
thin argument re Sri BhAshyakArar's inspiration from,
and love for, the Divine verses of the AzhwArs.

The only point on which aDiyEn has a totally respectful
 but firm difference of opinion is -re the basic difference between
the approaches of SriVP and SriBH  with re to PirAtti.
Sri VP is totally wholehearted and unrestricted in its
statement that He is Sriyahpati and she is His constant
consort,anapAyinI,as in "ahalakillEn iraiyum" and goes on to
present a Stuti which repeats this statement in a hundred
ways so that there should be no doubt on that point.
Kindly see the identical chapter in Sri BH for a striking
contrast in approach.

Finally a small point.ADiyEn's mention of a past controversy
re the authorship of Sri BH (which can be found mentioned
in any critical edition of the BH.- for ex the detailed
introduction to the superb translation by Sri N.Raghunathan)
has been taken to imply that aDiyEn has such reservations
regarding that beautiful work!

Sri EmberumAnAr TiruvaDigaLE SaraNam!

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