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Sri Vaibhavam -Saranagathy

From: Srimahavishnu Vinjamuri (
Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 02:16:46 PDT

Thiruvengada Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Saranam

Dear BhAgavatas,


Let me present the following sanskrit translation to the famous "ahalahillEn.." pASuram of swAmi nammALwAr by SrImAn u. vE. N C Raghunathacharya swAmI of Warangal:

hitvA na kshaNamasmi jIvitumaham SaktEti padmAlayA 
nityASlishta bhujAntarALa! vilasatkIrtE! jagaddhAraka!
asmannAyaka! dEva tApasa gaNaissEvyE vrusha kshmAdharE
samvAsin! SaraNam tvadIya charaNau dAsah prapadyE (a)gatih.

Rough translation by adiyEn:

Oh Master of Goddess LakshmI seated eternally in Your heart-lotus saying that She can't live even for a while wthout You! Oh sustainer of the universe with Your glory
spread everywhere! My Lord residing on the sacred hill ThiruvEnKatam worshipped by
demi-gods and sages! Your servant (self) seeks refuge at Your lotus feet and has no other recourse.

About the sanskrit translator:

SrImAn N C swami was a great freedom fighter and also a reputed journalist. Above all,
he is a very great bhAgavata and an unparalleled authority over divine prabandham.


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