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From: Murali Kadambi (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 10:56:40 PDT

Dear sridhar ranganatha,

You wrote:
> Adiyen was teaching Rudram,
> but has given that up on the advise of Sri
> Parthasarathy and orders of
> Sriman Narayana.  Adiyen is deeply indebted to Sri
> Parthasarathy.

Just my observations.  During my father's
saSti-abdha-poorthi (60th/61st birthday celebrations),
the *entire* yajurveda was recited by very well-known
ghana-pAthis, all of whom happened to be
srI-vaishNavas, staunch I might add.  This event
happened for four days since the entire yajurveda
consists of 82 prasnas (aSheeti-dwayam).  (Actually
only 81 were recited, since one prasna belonging to
the AraNyaka portion has to be recited outside the
house.)  Rudram was also recited.  There were no
exceptions.  When I asked a ghana-pAti present there
about this, he said that in the Rudram, every rudra
padam has specific reference to Lord Lakshmi Nrsimha. 
So, I think if you are teaching vEdAdhyanam, there
should not be any favoritism for certain kinds of
verses just because they seem to refer to anya-devata.

Learned bhAgawatas may please comment on this.

-- adiyen, murali kadambi

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