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From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 10:23:38 PDT

[Krishna Kalale]

Sri Sridhar wrote:

  Actually Adiyen was teaching Rudram,
but has given that up on the advise of  ..............

[Krishna Kalale]  Dear sridhar,

 I will not go into the other questions you have posed and I will leave it 
to knowledgeable people on the net.  I think one should learn "Rudram" as a 
part of "vedadhyayana" or learning other suktas and mantras.   From the 
Visistadvaitic perspective "Rudram" refers to Rudra's antaryami who is 
srimannarayana.  In fact a portion of Rudram is recited in shraddha karma 
by all.  I have noticed that many " srivaishnavas dont know rudram and keep 
MUM when they are supposed to chant it.  If you are teaching other mantras 
also to others,  then in addition, if you teach rudram it is fine.  One 
should learn rudram also in addition to other parts of vedas.  We should 
keep in our mind that it refers to the antaryami of  Rudra.  That's all. 
 Vedadhyayanam is some thing many people have forgotten.  It is one of the 
important duties of anyone with an "yajnopavita"..

adiyen Krishna Kalale

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