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From: sridhar ranganatha (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 01:20:43 PDT

Dear bhagavatas,
This dasa's name is sridhar ranganatha. Adiyen is  new  to this group as
well as to Srivaishnavism. Adiyen used to believe in Advaita philosophy. It
is adiyen's Bhagyam that adiyen is part of  this group.  Adiyen is very
greatful to Sri Dileepan Parthasarathy for initiating adiyen into
Srivaishnava philosophy and to this group.  It has been a great joy to read
such enlightining mails for the last month.
Adiyen thanks Sri Karalapakkam for removing his ignorance about
samasrayanam.  Can anyone ( Sri Karalapakkam) please eloberate on why 'Anaya
Devata aradhana' should not be practised by a Shrivaishnava eventhough One
may SURRENDER the fruits of any such pooja at the feet of Sriman Narayana,
the Supreme Lord. Adiyen regularly performs Satyanarayana pooja here in
Minneapolis as a Duty and for the benefit of the community. Sriman Narayana
in the form of Satyanaraya has been merciful to adiyen in giving  an
opportuniy to perform his  pooja every Poornima.  Adiyen does this pooja
with NO EXPECTATIONS OF FRUITS, but does it as a DUTY for the pleasure of
Narayana.  Also in this commmunity there is no(south indian) temple and very
few people know to chant vedas and do poojas. Adiyen tries to serve the Lord
by trying to help the community to atleast focus on Lord instead of wasting
their precious human life on irrelevant things. Also Satyanarayana puja
seems to capture the imagination of the people (may be due to kama, who is
adiyen to judge!).  So with this background, the Question to bhagavatas is,
Isn't it important for adiyen to follow Sruti in the performance of the
Satyanarayana pooja?  This may involve anyadevata aradhana like Navagraha
pooja prior to Styanarayana pooja.  Adiyen fully understands that Sriman
Narayan is Sarvam, but doesn't want to knowingly violate the procedure of
the pooja.  Adiyen does this pooja focusing on Sriman Narayana and stresses
on the SURRENDER aspect of the katha as advised by Sri Dileepan
Parthasarathy.  The  question is, Should  adiyen  abandon the pooja because
it involves anyadevata worship thereby denying an opportunity for people to
experience Lord in the form of Satyanarayana or violate the Sruti by
changing the Procedure for the pooja?  Actually Adiyen was teaching Rudram,
but has given that up on the advise of Sri Parthasarathy and orders of
Sriman Narayana.  Adiyen is deeply indebted to Sri Parthasarathy.
Adiyen begs forgiveness for asking funda questions.
Om namo nArAyanaya
sridhar ranganatha

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