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A question

From: L Kumar (
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 17:38:49 PDT

Sri Sita Rama Parabrahmane namah

Respected Bhagavatas,
                                     Please accept my namaskarams. I've
a question regarding Lord Narayana's aspect as the antharyami
(indwelling controller) of cit and acit. The Brhad aranyaka(Br. Up.) and
Subala upanishads says "yah prithvian tishtha privithviyah antaroyam
..., yah tamasi tishtah yah tamasi antaroyam.." etc.In similar lines the
Br.Up proceeds to say "yah atmani tishtah yah atmani antaroyam". This
verse means that the Lord is situated within the jivAtman , he is
different from the jivAtman and jivAtman is his SarIra.(In another
recension of the same upanishad, the word vijnana is used instead of
Atma and Sripada Ramanuja expalins that vijnana here means jivAtman.In
this verse, how the phrases"yah Atmani tishta"  should be
understood?Does the Lord actually reside physically inside the jiva
which is atomic?Because in the case of prithvi ,tejas and other
elements, the Lord is said to  pervade them physically by residing in
them.I got this doubt because jivAtman is a spiritual entity complete in
itself and is partless. If the Lord resides inside it physically, does
it not affect the partless nature of the jivAtman? If the Lord does not
reside in inside the atomic jiva physically does it not contradict the
all pervasive nature of Lord Narayana(As the srutis says, antar bahisca
tat sarvam vyApya narayana sthitah).I humbly request the learned
devotees of this forum to clarify this point.

Please forgive me if I've typed the Upanishadic verses with mistakes.

Trying to be a humble servant,

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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