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From: Kasturi Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 08:23:56 PDT

Dear friends,
     I apologize if I gave the impression that Ramanuja says the
dream objects are real and so they must be considered real. This
was not my intent. I just wanted to demystify the discussion by
pointing out that Ramanuja describes the dream objects as 
`things to be perceived by the dreamer and persisting for a certain
time only'.

     I think everyone of us is agreed that this is a reasonable
description of the dream objects. For `technical' reasons in
Visistadvaita these obejcts are referred to as `real'. That is all.
There is no big mystery here. 

     If we want to understand what those technical reasons are, and
what is visistadvaita's position on what we would normally consider
"illusory", we have to understand the basic principles of the 
philosophy and the theory of `truth' and `error'. Again, I want to
repeat that there is no mystery at all.

     Now the second question is why the supreme soul is held to be
the creator of dreams. I think this again can be atleast partly
appreciated if one has a clear picture of the nature of the three
tattvas that act in the phenomenal world -- prakriti, jiva, and 
Iswara. I will try to elaborate later but I would be more happy
if some learned person does this.

thanks and sorry for errors.



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