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A krithi on Sri Rama's Holy Feet

From: vchandra (
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 22:56:12 PDT

Dear Bhagawathas,
   On this day of Sri Rama Navami, its my humble wish to submit in this forum, a small tamizh krithi on the mahimai of the Holy feet of Sri Rama. 

Ragam: kalyANi
Talam : Adhi

   charaNAravindham thanai sindhaiyil iruththi
   maravAdhiru manamE!                              (charaNAravindham)

   mUvulagilum kaNDa pinnum uyarndha
   puNNiyam vERillai endRu                          (charaNAravindham)

   j~nAniyarum yOgiyarum piRavi mA kaDal thannai
   thAvi kudhiththE thAn sendRanar aRiyAyO ?
   charaNam endRu vandhavarkku anbuDan
   innaruL puriyum uththaman rAman                  (charaNAravindham)


   Oh mind! fix the Holy Lotus Feet (of Sri Rama) in your thoughts
   and never ever forget to do so.

   After seeing in all the three worlds, there is no other higher Supreme 
   thing than this. So fix His Holy Lotus Feet in your thoughts Oh mind!

   Didn't you know that the great men of wisdom and yOgA, so easily "leapt" 
   over this great, dreadful ocean of life and death (just by meditating on His
   Lotus feet)? For whoever that did saraNAgathi to Him, He with so much love 
   gives His blessings. He is indeed the uththama lAvaNyan ! SrI rAman.. 
   So Oh mind! do fix His Holy Lotus Feet in your thoughts.


   I beg the pardon of bhakthAs and music stalwarts in this forum for any error in this.


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