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From: ranganathan narasimhan (
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 01:42:44 PDT

sri krishnaya parabrahmane nama:

 dear vaisnavas,

     i was going through the archives and saw one
posting discussing the difference between Iyengars and

    recently i had been to thirunarayana puram and had
a wonderful darshna of the lord. while discussing with
some srivaisnavas there i came across this interesting

   Iyengars are called so because while accepting
samashrayanam i.e diksha from the acaryan the
samashrayanam consists of 5 angas or parts as per the
pancaratra system viz. nama, mantra, tapa, yajna &
   since the dasan has accepted the samashrayanam
consisting of these five angas such vaisnavas are
called Ai- angAr(one who accepted the 5 angas).
hence being called an Iyengar means the person is a
vaisnava and has accepted samashrayanam.


narasimha dasan

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