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The 8th day of Sri Sundara KaaNDa NavAham:Sargams 53-60(460 verses)

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Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 06:22:15 PDT

Dear BhakthAs:

On this day before Sri Raama Navami ,
We have 8 Sargams for PaarAyaNam today .
Those are:

(1) Sargam 53:Puccha Dahanam/Burning of 
    the tail of HanumAn

(2) Sargam 54: LankA dahanam /Burning of LankA by 
    HanumAn with the fire on his tail

(3) Sargam 55: Hanumatha:thrAsa:/ The fear of HanumAn 
    whether he had harmed Seethai by the fire that he set

(4) Sargam 56: LankAtha: samuthpathanam/Jumping from
    LankA back to the other side of the Ocean

(5) Sargam 57: Utthara Theera PrApthi:/Reaching of the 
    northern shore

(6) Sargam 58: LankA vrutthAntha Kathanam/ telling 
    the stories of happenings at LankA

(7) Samanthara kaaryAlOchanam/Thinking about the next
    things to do

(8) Angadha-Jaambhavath SamvAdha:/ The conversation between
    Angadhan and JaambhavAn

In the 53rd Sargam , RaavaNan heeds the counsel of
his brother VibhishaNan and decides against the killing 
of HanumAn. He recognized that the tail is very dear
to the monkeys ;hence he thought that the appropriate 
punishment for HanumAn would be to set his tail on fire 
and then display him at all the main streets of LankA.
The servants of RaavaNA bound the tail with old clothes ,
added oil to them and set the tail on fire and dragged 
HanumAn with his burning tail around.Hanuman was happy 
that he could see the city of LankA in day light to
get a better understanding of its defenses.Meanwhile , 
the children and women came in big  numbers to see this
sight of  a large monkey being dragged around with 
a lit tail.The Raakshasis conveyed the news about 
this event to Seethai.She was stricken with sorrow
about this turn of events.She prayed to Agni bhagavAn
through four moving slOkams not to cause any discomfort
to HanumAn:

yadhasthi PathisrushA yadhasthi charitham tapa:
yadhi vaasthyEka pathneethvam seethO bhava HanUmatha:
Sargam 53.27

(Meaning): Oh Agni Bhagavan!Please be cool to HanumAn ,
if my services to my Lord is true, if I had acaquired
austerity through such services and practised pathivrathA
dharmam properly.

Agni heard the prayers and did not cause any harm to
the tail of HanumAn.Meanwhile , Vaayu, the father of
HanumAn blew cold wind to quench the heat of the fire.
HanumAn recognized that SeethA's dayai , Raama tEjas and 
his father's affection had prevented him from being 
harmed by the fire on his tail lit by the raakshasAs.

HanumAn freed himself from the ropes of 
the raakshasAs and jumped like a lightning 
on the tops of the mansions of LankA and set
fire to them. The frightened citizens of LankA 
ran into the streets from their burning houses.Great
damage was done again by HanumAn to the city of LankA 
to demonstrate the shape of things to happen later .
The 54th sargam provides detail on HanumAn burning
down the houses of the sons and the trusted generals of
RaavaNA one by one.He arived finally at RaavaNan's palace.
After surveying the damage done there, HanumAn jumped
on to the top of the ThrikUta mountain overlooking
LankA.There, he meditated on his Lord, Sri Raamachandran.

Adhi Kavi describes in the 55th sargam the fear
that pervaded HanumAn after he quenched the fire on
his tail by dipping it in the water of the ocean.
Suddenly , he realized that he might have caused harm
to SeethA from the fire he set in LankA.He feared
whether SeethA perished in the fire that swirled
around LankA.Hanuman condemned himself for his lack
of thought.He wanted to kill himself for his
shortsightedness.He thought of the consequences of 
SeethA's death on the IshvAku family. At that time of
great sorrow of HanumAn, auspicious signs appeared.
HanumAn concluded that Seethai is safe and that no
harm came to Her( na nasishyathi KalyANI naagniragnou 
pravarthathE).He concluded further from the throbbing
of his right brow and thigh (subha sakunams) that Seethai
was safe.Now , he overheard the conversation between
the SaaraNAs , who were flying over LankA stating that
it was a  miracle that SeethA PirAtti was unharmed 
in the fire that destroyed most of LankA. 

In the 56th sargam , hanumAn decides to see SeehtA
once again .SeethA was very happy to see HanumAn 
without harm and sent  a message to Her Lord to
come to LankA quickly and recover Her back to His
side. HanumAn prostrated before SeethA and took her
leave to return to RaamA's side.HanumAn got on top of
a nearby mountain named Arishtam, swelled his body into
a gigantic size to jump over the ocean.

In the 57th sargam , HanumAn's leap over the ocean 
is described by Aadhi Kavi with great slOkams .His
roar in the sky was heard by the waiting monkeys and bears
on ground on the other side. They were thrilled and 
were eager to talk to HanumAn.The great HanumAn landed 
on top of MahEndra parvatham .He blessed the younger monkeys
and offered his salutations to the elders like JaambhavAn
and shouted with joy " dhrashtA SeethA " ( SeethA has been
seen by me) . The assembled friends of HanumAn were
thrilled to hear the good news (SarvE mudhithA VaanarA
bhavan).They praised  HanumAn for his matchless valour
and prostrated before him .

In the 58th sargam , HanumAn described to JaambhavAn 
and the others assembled on top of MahEndra parvatham
the details of his jump over the Ocean , the visit 
to LankA and all of the happenings there. In this long 
sargam consisting of 157 slOkams , HanumAn describes in 
great detail the many happenings during his visit to
LankA as the Raama dhUthan and concludes his speech
with Saathvika Thyaagam:

Raaghavasya prabhAvEna bhavathAm chaiva tEjasA
SugrIvasya cha kaaryArtham mayA sarvam anushtitham
Sargam 58.156

(Meaning): Oh JaambhavAn ! Due to the prabhAvam of 
Sri Raamachandran , due to your anugraham , all 
these were accomplished by me in the line of command
given by SugrIva raajA made . 

In the 59th sargam, HanumAn talks further about
the next steps to be taken.In the 60th sargam ,
Angadhan , the son of Vaali and JaambhavAn ,
the eldest among the group converse about these next
steps.They agreed to hasten to RaamA's side to convey 
through HanumAn ,  aispicious news so that RaamA 
can decide on the next step.

Sri Raamachandra ParabrahmaNE nama:
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil V.SadagOpan 


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