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RE: Digest Number 5
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 18:11:27 PDT

Sri Raamajayam

As a true Sri Vaishnavite Sri Madhavakkannan has downplayed his role amidst the 
Bhagavathaas he loves.  It is Adiyen's Parama Bhagyam to know him and his great
family.   The dog that licks the Ganges Waters is in no way an example for 
Sri Madhavakkannan Swami even when we all know our Acharya's greatness
and his Divya Kalyaana Gunaas stands much apart from us Lowkikaas.  Sri Madhavakkannan has 
started the greatest Sri Vaishnava movement on South East Asia and it is his mercy, that
Adiyen and many other Bhagavathaas were even interested in our Sampradayam.

At this juncture Adiyen wanted to mention something about the Boston Sri Vaishnavite
community(Adiyen spent the weekend there).  Boston is indeed blessed with Sri Vaishnavas of
great stature on every lineage of Sri Raamanuja(Thenkalai, Madam, Munithriyam).  Adiyen
had the Parama Bhagyam to stay with Sri Muralidhar Rangaswamy, who made every effort  to
make Adiyen linked to Sri Vaishnavas in the Boston Area.  He is a very kind of person who 
remembers small favours and returns them multifold with his compassion and generosity.
The trip was Adyadputham and listening to Sri.Muralidhar speak on several works, is a great

On the day of Adiyen's arrival(Saturday, Apr 8th), we got to celebrate our Acharya's 79th TN
grandly with select verses of Adi Trupthi to our Acharya, from the Naalayiram in addition to 
Sri.Muralidhar Swamin rendering Vedas immersing our Acharya/Divya Dhampathis in great
happiness.  As if to say yes, the day was very bright and heavy winds were creating a lot of
Aravaaram(Jeyagosham).  Later that night, Adiyen was given a special treat of witness Sri Srinivasa in 
Chakravarthi Thirumagan Kolam, sitting over Hanumantha Vahanam.  Sri Raama was holding a 
great Sarangam over his hand with an arrow ready to pierce our hearts of all its Thaapas.  How I longed to
have had been Ravana(without having to commit those horrendous sins, yet taken away by my Lord by his hands).

There were three sessions in progress.  The Akanda Paarayanam of Sri Thulasida's Sri Ramacharita Manaas rendered very beautifully by the Gujarathi community and continuosly went on for 48hrs.  
The Sundara Kanda Paarayanam sung in unison
by the Boston Sri Vaishnavites.  To Adiyen's deep satisfaction and happiness, I noticed the younger generation being so much involved in Sri Vaishnava Siddhantha, that it appeared that America is assured 
of being a safe haven and growth for Sri Vaishnavites(like Melkote for Sri Raamanuja).
In parallel the Bhattar was singing beautiful paasurams on Chakravarthi Thirumagan from the Divya Prabhandam.   Eventually the Sundara Kanda Parayanam closed with Saathumurai and recitation of Sri Raghuveera Gadhyam.

On Sunday, Adiyen had the opportunity to listen to Adiyen's very first Tele Upanyaasam, that too
from our Acharya on a very great topic "Sri Paadhuka Sahasram".  Adiyen enjoyed this event as 
well as the many Bhagavathaas who called in to convey their joy at Sri.Muralidharan Swamis residence.
I understand Sri Sadagopan Maama would come out with the excerpts, thus saving my weak skills on expressing Asmad Acharyan/Swami
Desikans beautiful work.

Invoking our Acharyas blessings, Adiyen am sure that more Bhagavathaas would join together and involve in great Sri Vaishnava 
activities and reach present/eternal happiness.

Adiyen Sri Raamanuja Daasan,

Sudarsana Dasosmi

Message: 3
   Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2000 06:23:56 GMT
   From: "Madhavakkannan V" <> 
Subject: asmadhacharyan - Srimad Poundarikapuram Andavan's Thirunakshathram 


SrimthE Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

Dearest Bhagawathas,

Today- Panguni Rohini is 79th Thirunakshathram of adiyEn's AchAryan- Sri 
ParahamsEthyaathi Sri PaRavaakkOttai Andavan of Sri Poundarikauram Andavan 
Ashramam- Sri Gopaladesika Mahadesikan swami.

It is like dog licking the Ganges waters- myself talking about this AchArya 
saarvabhoumar. Our senior member of the list, Sriman Anbil Swamin, Sri 
Muralidhar, Sri Gopal LakshmaNan, Sri Govindharajan, Sri Kasthuri, Sri 
Sriram, Sri Anand Vangipuram, Sri Sudharsan Parthasarathy, Sri Sowrirajan, 
and others are the sishyas of this ashramam. Sri VN Vedantha Desikan and Sri 
VN Venkata Nathan also are sishyas of the ashramam. It is due to the 
limitless grace of Sriman Narayanan, I was linked to this select band of 

The Internet discussion group, from which I came to know of the greatest 
doctrines of our Sri Ramanuja sampradayam, thanks to Sri Mani, Sri Anand 
Karalapakkam and Sri Sadagopan especially, whose articles opened adiyEn's 
mind. Sri Anbil Mama's writing on Srimad Andavan inspired adiyEn to take 
refuge at the feet of our AchArya saarvabhoumar Sri Gopaladesika Mahadesikan 
Swami- asmadhaccharyan now.

AdiyEn's father (though does not belong to this ashram), recites Yajur Veda 
daily both morning and evening at this ashramam, because of which also Swami 
had accepted adiyEn as his sishya, in spite of adiyEn's moorkha guNam (which 
still lingers with me and is in the process of reducing due to AchArya's 

When adiyEn requested AchAryan to bless us by placing His feet at our home 
at Srirangam and saying few words on the day of my son's upanyanam, (the day 
before, actually), Swami immediately with such a sowlabhyam acceded to my 

It was a divine feast to the eyes and ears; Not just His anugraha bhashaNam; 
also the introductory speeches by Sri ANC Swamin of Srirangam, by Dr. 
Anantha Narasimhachariar, the Srikaryam of the ashramam and Sri Sadagopan 
Swamin (son of Sri ValayappEttai Ramanuja Thaathha charier Swami of 
Navalpaakkam). They were all requested by AchAryan to speak before He 
delivered the pearls.

I could gather few pearls from them. (Please forgive me for poor 
translation. Any errors, faults are mine alone)

1.	Upanyanam shall be performed preferably at a young age. Make sure that 
the boy is given ample time after the upanayanam (as was in my son's case), 
say a month free time to learn and by heart the sandhyavandhanam fully.

2.	Make sure those who are Brahmins PERFORM WITHOUT FAIL, the daily 
sandhyavandhanam. It does not matter whether you go and pray to Ranganthan 
daily or two times a day and recite as many verses as possible; if one does 
not do sandhi. Lord will be ANGRY and consider you as Karma chaNdaaLan, if 
you do not do sandhyavandhanam. The chaNdaaLan is by birth and he can not 
help. It is his previous karma. You are born a Brahmin and you choose to 
become a chaNdaaLan - a karma chaNdaaLan by abstaining from doing 
sandhyavandhanam. (Swami also gave an example: your son is a good boy- helps 
you at home and obeys you- hugs you; but does not go to school or study. 
Will you get angry or feel pleased that he however likes me and hugs me.. ?)

3.	Swami said "Even the Lord when he goes outstation for uthsavam gets His 
daily quota of His Aradhanams that he had missed, carried out in toto, along 
with the usual ones.. "- Thus, even if we miss a day's sandhyavandhanam due 
to flight or illness, we can do it the next day with praayaachhithham along 
with that day's sandhyavandhanam. BUT NOT TO BE MISSED.

4.	swami said, "look at the muslim in the train when you travel. At that 
prayer time, he says "saami.. please shift a bit and he spreads his towel 
for doing namaas.. he does not want to miss even that prayer." The 
Christians do not miss the Sunday prayers at all. Why should we ignore our 

5.	When one does sandhyavandhanam with just 28 Gayatri everytime, it takes 
only 8 mins to finsh once. 3 * 8= 24 mins a day. Out of 24 hours, all that I 
am asking you to devote is: 24 mins. Can we not do?

6.	But, you may say.. I have not been doing for many years.. I don't know. I 
am shy to ask some one. That's why KaNNan (adiyEn) is printing this book on 
sandhyavandhanam released by ashramam. Take the book and do it. (Swami 
distributed them to all free. But, recipients shall promise to Him "I will 
do sandhyavandhanam" and if they don't they commit not only Bhagavath 
apacharyam, BhAgawatha and AchArya apacharam.) (If any of you need, please 
ask me. I will send by getting the "sathyam" from you elctronically. 

7.	Those who do not do sandhyavandhnam at all is to be considered as 
"theettu" Nithya theettu. At least ladies cannot touch the altar or do pooja 
on those three days. You cannot do ON ANY DAY, buddy. You are completely 
disqualified from even entering into the temple. Will you allow a dhoora 
sthree enter the Rangatnathan sannidhi if you know she is in the cycle..? 
You are the same. She can at least go to temple after 3 days. You can never 
enter. (Swami was so emphatic and did not mince words that many hung their 
heads in shame)

8.	Swami said, " I am a sannyaasi. I don't give any damn whether you scold 
me or like me. If you come to me, I will ask.. "Are you doing 
sandhyavandhanam?.." These people who do not do, do not want to lie to 
sannyaasi. So they say.. and admit "No.." I just ask them to do by giving 
the book. I also ask them to promise me by saying "sathyam..". Many come 
afterwards saying "now we are doing and accept me for samasrayaNam or 
Bharanyasam..".  "Few have declined to do sathyam also gone away"- swami 
said smilingly.

9.	Swami added.. "please do not think that Brahmins look bright because they 
have inherited from their parents. It is not so. It is because of our 
ancestors performing gayati all days and all times, their face is effulgent. 
You also do the japam in sandhyavandhanam every day. She will protect those 
who meditate on her. "

10.	Swami said. If at all one wants to do something to a person who is on 
the death bed or in unconscious state or the state of illness for days 
together, all that we need to do is to do his sandhyavandhanam also in 
addition to ours, saying "I am doing for his.". That is more than anything 
for that person whom you want to help.

Dearest Bhagawathas, it is adiyEn's appeal to those of you, who do not do 
sandhyavandhanam: Please start at least now. Better late than never. Only if 
we do, will our children do. For the sake of younger generation, let us do 
regularly without fail. If you need a book, I can send.

This post is adiyEn's samarpaNam with all humility at the feet of 
asmadhacharyan on His 79th Thirunakstharam.

Please visit asmadhacharyan home page at and be blessed with the 
lineage of this great ashramam in munithraya sampradayam of Sri vaishnavam. 
Sri Sampath Rangarajan, guided by Sri Anbil Ramaswamy, creates this home 

AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Acharyan thiruvadi
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