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The Status Report on the AZHWARS and the 108 CD ROM PROJECT

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 08:27:28 PDT

Dear BhakthAs:

I would like to brief you on the latest developments 
relatd to the two kaimkaryams:

Date of Start and expected Completion
With our Lord's grace ,this project will be 
initiated on Sri Raama Navami day ( April 12, 2000)
at Bangalore , SriperumbhUthUr and here . It will 
take us three to six months to finish this project
and get CD ROM copies available for the AasthikAs.
The thridhaNdam kaimkaryam will be completed in 
a months' time and the CD ROM development will
take a little longer.

We have two more days left to complete the fund 
raising efforts , if at all possible .

The number of Pledges and the amounts
We have now 33 pledges to the tune of $3,500
against the need of $5,500 . Among the pledges ,
$561 have been received directly by me sofar. $825 is
being sent directly to India for use against 
the developmental expenses there . 

Thus we have or will be receving $1,386
funds out of the $3,500 pledged so far . May I request
all the aasthikAs , who have pledged the remaining
$ 2114 to send the checks either to myself or to Dr.M.A.Alwar 
at our addresses listed below at your earliest convenience ?

The Current Gap in Funds

We still need $2,000 for the Thridhandam Kaimkaryam 
and the AzhwArs/108 Dhivya dEsam projects . It is my 
fondest hope that 20 BhakthAs will come forward and
help out with their pledges prior to Sri Raama Navami
celebrations on Wednesday , April 12 .Please
contribute whatever you can.Some of you have pledged
51, 100, 108 , 200 and 250 dollars .

Current Sponsors(33)
Sofar the following BhakthAs are participating in 
these two kaimkaryams .Those who have already 
sent their checks have a star sign after
their names :

1.Achutharaman,R (Singapore)*
2.Bose, Aravind ( Saudi Arabia )*
3.Balaji, C.G (Bangalore,India)*
4.Belur, Sheela ( MD, USA)*
5.Balaram, Sanjay ( Chennai, India)*
6.Bhashyam Nallappa ( MD, USA)
7.Jaganath, Suresh( NJ, USA)
8.Karamchedu, Rajeev
9.Krishna, Aravind( IL, USA)
10.Krishnamachari, Kalyani ( IL, USA)
11.Krishnamachari, Kanthadai (Bahrain)*
12.Madhavan, Chithra
13.Madhavakkannan ( Singapore)*
14.Mohan Sagar ( CO, USA)
15.Narasimhan, Srivatsan (OH,USA) 
16.Narasimhachari, Nedathur (VA,USA)*
18.Narayanan, Vasudha ( FL,USA)
19.Narayanan, K.M (Mumbay, India)
20.Raghavan, Jayanthi 
21.Raghu Raghunath ( MD, USA)
22.Raghunath, Viji(CA, USA)
23.Ramaswami, Geetha (Singapore)*
24.Ramesh, Chatari(CO, USA)*
25.Ranganathan, Sriram (NC, USA)
26.Rangaswamy , MuraLi ( MA, USA)
27.Sadagopan, V (NY, USA)*
28.Saaranga Kadambi (MA, USA)
29.Sridharan, R (Singapore)*
30.Srinivasan, K (CO, USA)
31.Varadarajan, Gopinath
32.Varadarajan , Kasturi (IO, USA)
33.Venkat Nagarajan ( Canada)

Links of sponsors to respective AzhwArs
I had indicated that the individual particpation of 
sponsors would be very appropriate to recognize for
their contrbutions in the sponsor section of 
the CD ROM .In this context , I had suggested 
that they can choose their favorite dhivya desam ,
favorite AzhwArs and their paasurams .Seven of you have
advised me about your choices :There are 12 AzhwArs and 25
prabhandhams. Those AzhwArs and Prabhandhams spoken for 
are indicated against their names with a star:

Azhwars :

1. Poygai AzhwAr
2. BhUthatthAzhwAr
3. pEy AzhwAr
4. Thirumazhisai AzhwAr
5. NammAzhwAr (*) 
6. Madhura Kavi AzhwAr)*)
7. KulasEkara AzhwAr(*)
8. PeriyAzhwAr
9. ANDAL (*) 
10.Thindaradipodi AzhwAr
12.Thirumangai AzhwAr (*) 

SEVEN AZHWAARS need links to sponsors .
Please let me know of your choices for links to
individual AzwArs.

Links of Sponsors to the 25 Prabhandhams of 12 AzhwArs

The 25 dhivya Prabhandhams constituting
the 4,000 verses and the individual
prabhandhams selected are indicated below with (*):

A. Mudalaayiram ( First Thousand)
1. ThiruppallANDu 
2. PeriyAzhAr Thirumozhi
3. ThiruppAvai (*)
4. NaacchiyAr Thirumozhi(*)
5. PerumAL Thirumozhi(*)
6. Thirucchantha Viruttham
7. ThirumAlai
8. ThiruppaLLIyezucchi
9. AmalanAdhipirAn
10.KaNNinuNN SiRutthAmpu

B.Second Thousand

11.Periya Thirumozhi (*)

C.Third Thousand (iyaRppA)

14.First ThiruvanthAdhi
15.Second ThiruvanthAdhi
16.Third  ThiruvanthAdhi
17.Naanmukan ThiruvanthAdhi
20.Periya ThiruvanthAdhi
22.SiRiya Thirumadal
23.Periya Thirumadal
24.Raamnusa NooRRanthAdhi

D. The Fourth Thousand
25.ThiruvAimozhi (*)

An Appeal prior to Sri Raama Navami

Only 5 out of the 25 Prabhnadhams have been
spoken for so far. It would be ideal to have the
remaining 7 AzhwArs  AzhwArs and 20 Prabhandhams
covered .Please indicate your choices for inclusion
in the sponsor section.If you prefer, I will be
happy to provide the links, since in the final 
anaysis, we wish to have every one of the AzhwArs and 
their Prabhandhams linked to the current and 
future sponsors.

Looking forward to your support 
to race against time to complete 
the fund raising effort by Sri Raama Navami
as your samarpaNams to Sri Jaanaki
SamEtha Sri Raamachandra para Brahmam ,

NaarAyaNa , NaarAyaNa , NaarAyaNa 
AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam,
AdiyEn, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

Our addresses for mailing checks :

V.Sadagopan , Apt 6B-1
Scarborough Manor
Scarborough , NY 10510

M.A. Alwar (*)
142 College Road (Upstairs)
KR Mohalla 
Mysore 570024
Karanataka , India 
(*) The checks are to be addressed



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