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New member Introduction

From: kmahesh (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 00:55:45 PDT

SrI :

SrImatE RamAnujAya namaH

Most respected VaiSnavAs,

Please accept Dundavats from this insignificant Soul. 
I am very fortunate and grateful to be included in this mailing list. 

I have been asked to introduce my self.

I am not a Sri-Vaisnava. But I am among those, who admire Sri-Vaisnavism and
regard RamAnujAcArya as their well wisher,  master and Lord.  With all your
blessings, I would like to become a True Vaisnava, serving RAmAnujar one day
with all my heart. 

For my purification and as service to SrI RamAnujar, I type the following
(Taken from a book - The Life of Ramanuja),  the greatness of RAmAnuja.

Goshti Purna - the second guru of Ramanuja, revealed the secrets of religion
to Ramanuja, by exacting the promise that he would not impart the same to
others, But Ramanuja broke the promise by openly declaring the secrets to
all in the temple.  Purna became wroth on coming to know this and demanding
an explanation from Ramanuja, the later confessed but submitted that, if his
disobedience did entail on him hell, he had the satisfaction of thinking
that thousands were saved a great price to get in return.  And that Purna on
hearing embrassed Ramanuja exclaiming "What a large heart thine for others,
my shallow heart did not warm like this! Thou art no other than he (Yamuna)"
and he made his son, Terk-AlvAr his disciple.

I would be indebted grately, if vaisnavas can suggest any book on Sri
Vaisnavism, for a beginer. 

Please forgive me, for the offences I have committed in writing this letter.

Hoping to receive the blessings from all of you,
AdiyEn dAsan,
PS : By profession, I am a soft ware Engineer, working for Infosys at
Bangalore, India.



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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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