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Sri Raama Navami Navaaham: Fifth day (April 8): Sargams27-33( 201 slOkams)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 02:10:31 PDT

oDear Sri Raama BhakthAs :

In today's navaaham , seven sargams will 
be covered:

1) Sargam 27: ThrijaDA's svapna:/the dream of 
   Thrijadai, the  daughter of VibhishaNan

2) Sargam 28:udhbhandhana vyavasAya:/SeethA 
   PirAtti's attempt to  take Her life by hanging

3) Sargam 29: Subha sakunAni/the appearance of 
   auspicious signs

4) Sargam 30: SeethA samAsvAsana nirdhAraNam /
   HanumAn's decision to comfort SeethA 

5) Sargam 31: Sri Raama VrutthAntha kathanam/
   the recital of the magnificent story of RaamA

6) Sargam 32: SeethA HanUnmath Darsanam/ SeethA 
   seeing HanUmAn for the first time

7) Sargam 33: HanUmajjAnakI samvAdha upakrama:/
   The begining of the speech by HanUman to 
   console SeethA PirAtti.

The largest sargam in the fifth day's PaarAyaNam
is the 27th one with 65 slOkams , where the daughter
of VibhIshaNan describes the powerful dream that she 
had during the Brahma muhUrtham (early morning hours)
after RaavaNA's visit to cajole and threaten SeethA
PirAtti. ThrijaDai is the daughter of the one righteous
member of RaavaNA's immediate family , VibhIshaNan .
She describes to the assembled RaakshasIs the portentous
dream that she had just before sunrise and cautioned them
about the auspicious omens relating to SeethA and
the most dreadful omens relating to the death of
RaavaNA and the destruction of LankA and its citizens
in  abattle between RaamA and RaavaNA .

In our siddhAntham , Svapnams are created by Isvaran
and not by Jeevan . Thrijadai was the medium through which
the shape of things to come were conveyed by Isvaran .
The dream had content , which fitted exactly with
the svapnAdhyAyams .

In the first part of the svapnam , ThrijaDai saw 
Sri Raaman and LakshmaNan arriving in a celestial
vimAnam made of ivory and borne by thousands of
Swans .They wore white flower garlands and 
were clad in white vasthrams.They travelled towards
SeethA and Sri RaamA invited Her to sit together
with Him on the back of the elephant . SeethA sat on
the lap of Her Lord and a little later , She jumped from
Her Lord's lap and rached out to grab the Sun and the Moon
in Her hands.After travel on the elephant's back for
some time, they arrived over LankA.

Two slOkams from svapnAdhyAyam (not from RaamAyanam)
helps to intrepret the subha and apasakunams that 
Thrijadai saw in her dream that she shared with
the fellow raakshasIs guarding SeethA PirAtti :

aarOhaNam gOvrusha kunjarANAm 
prAsAda sailAgra vanaspathInAm 
vishtAnulEpO rudhitham mrutham cha
svapnEshvagamya gamanam cha DHANYAM 

Adithya manDalamvaapi Chandra maNDalamEvavaa
svapnE gruhNAthi hasthAbhyAm mahath rAjyam samApnuyAth

The first slOkam states that riding on the back of elephants,
Cow or a Bull to the peak of mountains wearing white
garments is very auspicious omen. Similarly , reaching
out and grabbing the Sun and the Moon in one's hands
is another powerful auspcious omen indicating 
the winning of a kingdom (Second slOkam ). She next saw
Sri Raaman with His brother and wife riding in a northerly
direction in Pushpaka VimAnam.

In the second part of her dream , Thrijadai saw 
RaavaNan wearing red garments and alari flower 
garlads and lying on the floor.She saw RaavaNan next 
riding a donkey and being thrown on the ground 
by that donkey.The brother of RaavaNan, KumbhakarNan 
rode on the back of a camel and his son, Indrajith
riding on the back of a crocodile .All of them 
were dressed in red and were travelling in the southerly 
direction .She saw death and destruction everywhere
in LankA and mansions on fire started by a monkey.
These are the most powerful inauspicious signs of
RaavaNA and his kingdom being destroyed by RaamA .

ThrijaDai explained this extraordinary dream to
her fellow jailors and asked them to ask for
the forgiveness of SeethA for the trespasses 
to save their lives :

tadhalam krUra vaakyairva: sAnthvamEvaabhidheeyathAm
abhiyAchAma VaidEhImEtaddhi mama rOchatE 
Sargam 27.54

(Meaning): Enough of your fierce and threatening 
words to Seethai ; please speak with affection 
to Her.Let us beg Her to have dayA on us .That is
the right thing to do in my opinion.

ThrijaDai continues with her narration and points
out to the fellow Raakshasis that SeethA PirAtti alone 
can save them from the great danger due to Her enormous
power and anugraha sakthi ( alamEshA parithrAthum 
RaakshasyO mahathO bhayAth..Sargam 27.57).ThrijaDai
concludes that she sees victory ofr Raama, SeethA's
union with Her Lord and the destruction of RaavaNA
and his kingdom:

artha siddhim thu VaidhEhyA: pasyAmyaham upasthitham
raakshasEndra vinAsam cha vijyam Raaghavasya cha 
Sargam :27.60

In the 28th sargam , SeethA stricken by sorrow cries out
for Her Lord , Her brother-in-law and other relatives as
She is about to committ suicide :

Haa Raama Haa LakshmaNa Haa sumithrE 
Haa Raama Maatha: saha mE jananyA I
yEshA vipathsyAmham alpabhAgyA
mahArNavE nouriva mUDavAthA II ..Sargam 28.8

(meaning): Oh RaamA ! Oh LakshmaNA ! Oh SumithrE!
Oh Mother of my Lord ! Oh KousalyE ! I was blessed
to be with You all even if it was not too long .
Alas ! I am going to die here destroyed like 
a ship caught up in a cyclone in the middle of 
a deep ocean.

Now SeethA PirAtti approiaches the SimsApA tree
on which HanumAn was sitting and tries to hang
Herself with Her own own braid .She began to
meditate with immense concentration on Her 
Lord and family . At that time, SeethA PirAtti
experienced many auspicious sakunams like the ones
She experiences at the time of Her Svayamvaram
at Mithilai.

The 29th sargam with only 8 slOkams describes 
these auspicious sakunams ( Subha Nimitthams).
Her left eye brow twitched . The left hand and thigh
also twitched to indicate that many auspicious events
are about to happen.SeethA pirAtti's sorrows were
lightened as a result of these experiences .

At this important juncture, HanumAn , who was a
silent witness to all the happenings around 
SeethA PirAtti --RaavaNA's visit , his inappropriate
behavior towards a pathivrathai, his threats 
and the raakshasI's threats as well as ThrijaDai's
description of her dream -- decided to introduce
himself as a messenger form Her Lord and to 
comfort Her with the good news on RaamA's 
well being and His gnawing anxiety for Her safety and
well being .HanumAn gave considerable thought to
the most appropriate method of introducing himself and
to assure SeethA that he was a genuine ambassador
from RaamA's side and not a demon from RaavaNA's 
court in disguise .  

The nava vyAkaraNa paNdithar , HanumAn chose 
exquisite words to introduce himself and gained 
the confidence of SeethA about his (HanumAn's)
credentials as the messenger bringing news from
Her Lord. In fourteen moving slOkams , HanumAn
described the charithram of RaamachandrA and His 
family with great Bhakthi that touched SeethA's
heart. She was overcome by joy over the aanandha 
anubhavam of listening to the Raama KathA .All along ,
HanumAn's voice alone was heard by SeethA coming 
from the tree above Her .

In the thirty second sargam, SeethA finally  caught sight
of the messenger in the form of a monkey sitting on 
the branch of the simsupA tree reciting the story of Her Lord .
This is also a short sargam with just 14 slOkams.

In the thirty third sargam, HanumAn came down
gently from the tree and began to converse with SeethA as 
the RaakshasIs were sleeping .HanumAn asks SeethA 
about Her identity for confirmation and Jaanaki MaathA

duhithA JanakasyAham VaidEhasya MahAthmana:
SeethA cha naama naamnaaham BhAryA Raamasya Dheematha:

(meaning): I am SeethA , the daughter Janaka MahArAja,
the mahAthmA from VidEha dEsam. I am the wife of the 
buhddhimAn, Sri Raamachandran.She describes Her marriage,
the happenings in AyOdhyA prior to vana vAsam ,
the abduction bty the evil Raavanan and decalres
that She can not bear even one more moment of
separation from Her dear Lord.That sets the stage for
AnjanEyar to breif SeethA on the KshEma samAchArams
about Her Lord and His state of mind over seperation
from His dear consort(34th Sargam ).

Sri Raamachandra parabrahmaNE nama:
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAi SadagOpan

in svargam .    





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