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Periya Thirumozhi 8.6- thoNdeer! uyyum vagai kaNdEn..

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 22:00:38 PDT

SrImathE Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

“PerumAn vandhilan (PermAn has not come)”- lamented and cried AzhwAr- 
ParakalanAyaki pitiably. Emperumaan, the most compassionate Lord has 
naturally melted and shows Himself off to AzhwAr at ThirukkaNNapuram. Now 
the excited AzhwAr tells us .. He is here only for us, and saving us.. Come 
and be saved.. Dearest sisters and brothers,  come one and come all and be 
saved by reading this ten from AzhwAr.

1.	Oh BhagawthAs, who are desirous of Bhagavath kaimkaryam! I (am blessed 
to) have found out the means to get saved. Ramapiraan, who angered on the 
asurAs and made them tremble with fear (who had not known what fear is 
before that); who has strong huge mountain like shoulders; who has the bent 
bow with Him; who destroyed the band of raakshasaas. He has Veera srI with 
Him. He is the personification of the victory.. Jaya Jaya mahaaveeran.. Maha 
dheeran; He has taken sankalpam to be with BhUmi PiraaTTi and Periya 
PiraaTTi and is at ThirukkaNNapuram, most willingly for saving us. Come and 
let us pay obeisance to Him. (That is the only means.)

2.	The Lord, who appeared riding on Garudan and chased large shouldered 
Maali asuran, and made his head fall down on the ground. He made his 
(Malli’s) entire group hide in a cave in lankA.. That greatest Lord has the 
strong bent Bow in His Hand. His place is ThirukkaNNapuram. Come and let us 
pay obeisance to Him. (That is the only means.)

3.	Ramapiraan – who in order to save the creeper like waisted Beautiful SitA 
PiraaTTi- crossed the ocean and angrily killed strong rAvaNan of lankA- the 
strongest Lord, who killed the cruel thaatakai raakshasi when He saved 
Viswaamaithrar’s yaagam with His Bow  – That greatest Lord Rama’s abode is 
this ThirukkaNNapuram. Come and let us pay obeisance to Him

4.	Ramapiraan built a bridge across the deep large ocean and entered along 
with the monkeys into lankA (where the cruel strong raakshasaa reside led by 
strongest rAvaNan). He made the ocean make the way for Him by bending the 
Bow.. He made the monkeys help Him by bringing in the huge mountains and 
large trees reach the ocean to build a bridge. That time, the water droplets 
that splashed reached even the skies. That greatest Lord Rama is here at 
ThirukkaNNapuram. Come and let us pay obeisance to Him

5.	The Lord is in the form of Tortoise, of Lion faced Human form, of the 
forms of yaagams performed by Brahmins reciting Vedic hymns, of the form of 
Time, of the Form of Rama, the One who cut the ten heads of strong RavaNan 
of lanka surrounded by oceans, which is easily inaccessible for any 
foreigner, of the form KaNNan, who made Kaaman- Manmathan. He willingly, out 
of His own will stays at ThirukkaNNapuram. Come and let us pay obeisance to 

6.	Oh faultless heart of mine! Don’t worry and lament. Emperumaan, who had 
made the great lankA city of rAvaNan be engulfed by his fiery anger and fire 
of destruction; who had mercifully left VaaNaasuran by just cutting his 1000 
hands and saving his life (without killing him); who had killed the dark 
legged huge kuvalayaapeetam elephant; His living place permanently is 
ThirukkaNNapuram.  Come and let us pay obeisance to Him

7.	The Lord who had saved most mercifully the elephant GajEndran, when he 
tried to pluck the flower for offering to Emperumaan in the middle of a 
pond, and was caught by the cruel crocodile; who had blessed the kingdom of 
lankA to the younger brother of rAvaNan (vibheeshaNan) when he simply 
surrendered to Lord Rama with unflinching, unalloyed faith that He will 
accept vibheeshanan, in spiote of being from the enemy camp, especially the 
brother of the enemy. Such most compassionate Lord is SarvEshwaran Rama, who 
had finished the mareechan (who came in disguise of a deer) is here at 
ThirukkaNNapuram. Come and let us pay obeisance to Him

8.	Oh my dear mind-the one who is craze after PerumAn due to your prEmam 
towards Him! Don’t worry about the suffering that you have undergone. Do you 
know how it will get cured? By going to ThirukkaNNapuram where Emperumaan 
willingly stays permanenetly for us. He is the One, who had crawled in 
between the two marudha trees, and made them fall on the ground; who had 
finshed off by killing the Kesi asuran, the demoness Poothanai, the seven 
bulls, the mushtika chaaNoora wrestlers, and the one who killed the wheel 
asuran (sakatAsuran) by just an effortless kick as an infant. Such greatest 
lord is He. Come and let us pay obeisance to Him.

9.	The Lord who made the torrential rains useless by lifting effortlessly 
with His little finger and saving the cattle; who had killed the huge strong 
seven bulls in order to unite the most beautiful Nappinnai PiraaTTi; who is 
worshipped Nithyasooris; who does always the most wonderful acts; who went 
as a messenger for pancha paaNdavaas; who killed sakatAsuran; who threw the 
dhEnukaasuran aiming at a viLaampazha tree killing another asurA was sitting 
as a viLaam fruit.  That most wonderful, greatest Lord is here at 
ThirukkaNNapuram. Come and let us pay obeisance to Him

10.	This ten is on Emperumaan of ThirukkaNNapuram, where huge dark clouds 
come and stay on top of tall buildings. He is My Swami; KaNNapiraan. 
Kaliyan, who is blessed to be the recipient of Kannapiraan’s krupai, 
composes this. He (Kaliyan) is the king of Thirumangai. Those who read this 
ten will rule the whole world before joining Nithyasooris and respected by 
them at SrivaikuNtam.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana
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