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The Fourth Day of Navaaham : Friday , April 7 , 2000

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 04:00:52 PDT

Dear Sri Raama BhakthAs :
>From today , adiyEn will elaborte a little more
on the key slOkAs that I come across in the different
chapters of Sundara KaaNDam .It is an ocean, where 
MahAns like Thirumali Nambi, AchArya RaamAnujA ,
PeriyavaacchAn PiLLai have dived and brought about pearls
ad gems and used them to decorate the mahA Maalai of
Sri VaishNava Darsanam . With total reverence to 
our AchArya paramparai , adiyEn  will approach the SaraNAgathi
Saashtram and share with you with all humility particular
slOkams as a apart of the summary of the chapters for 
the forthcoming days of navAham until April 12 ,
Sri Raama Navami day .


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