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Re: waking/dream/deep-sleep

From: Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 10:08:36 PDT

Dear Bhakti Group Members:

For those who like to dwell on the nature of the self and such other topics 
I think the subject topic is quite intriguing.  I thought the best way to 
approach this topic would be to first understand what Science has to say 
about the following states - Waking, Dream, Deep-sleep, unconscious, Coma, 
brain dead etc.,

The question that often has intrigued me is:  Even in deep sleep the jIva 
loses awareness of the external world. JIva's only instrument to contact the 
external world seems to be the manas and the indriyAs.  For all practical 
purposes, this implies that JIva minus the awareness of the bodily 
instruments results in nothingness.  This nothingness is replaced by the 
so-called 'self-awareness' in the philosophical circles.

Can I request any of our learned members to provide a scientific explanation 
of the different states as described above.  That would provide a good 
starting point.  I must say that Mani did a wonderful job in explaining it 
but I think it needs further elucidation.



Buffalo, NY
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