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Periya Thirumozhi 8.5- There is none to console me saying, "maa sucha:" (anjEl)

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 00:19:22 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

The ThirumEni of AzhwAr became pale and “Parakala Nayaki” was languishing 
longing to unite with Her Lord.. She had even pleaded in the last ten 
thumbhI fly to go to Thirutthuzhaay (thuLasi adorned by the Lord) and blow 
the fragrance of His thuLasi on her.. That never happened. Now the dear 
friends too are no longer with her. They have gone away and slept. The whole 
world is sleeping..(similar to “oorellam thunji..of Paranukusa nayaki)” Our 
Parakala Nayaki longs to unite with the Lord and she is suffering… An 
outburst -yet another excellent ten from “Num Kaliyan- Parakalan..”

1.	My heart-that is separated from that marvelous infant KaNNan- who could 
unfasten the hand and leg cuffs of His Father VasudEvar the moment he 
appeared. The cool rays on the beautiful moon simply torture me- who is 
longingly waiting to obtain His krupai. In addition to those moon rays, the 
gentle breeze too enters into my tender breasts and torments. It is going to 

2.	My heart that longs to join the Beautiful large mountain like chested 
KaNNan, who is younger brother of that conch shell like coloured Balaraman- 
is completely immersed in Him. There is absolutely none to accompany me and 
be with me for moral support. The whole place (people) is sleeping. The 
whole world is sleeping; the Sun has gone.. His chariot has also 
disappeared. The directions have become invisible. It is pitch dark and I do 
not what to do. Alas!

3.	Except for His (KaNNan’s) cheating, there is nothing that stays with me. 
The bangles have also gone off from me. That KaNNan- who had sucked the life 
of Poothanai- will He consider and take care of my life? IT IS HIS HABIT 
us..vasthrabharaNam, siRRil sidhaiyEl.. Selling the bangle and buying fruits 
for Him, etc..) The blemishless moon rays heat me, and there is no help for 
me. My pair of breasts simply suffers. My heart also melts listening to His 
flute. There is none else for me who can assure me saying “maa sucha” (anjEl 
anbaar illayE..)

4.	KaNNan- who blew the Conch shell and made other valiant kings tremble 
with fear during the KurukshEthra battle- has not come for me. The droplets 
that emanate for the wavy oceans also are so hot for me like the flame of 
fire. The breeze that takes the watery droplets along with it also torments 
me by entering into my breasts. Only when it stops, I think I can survive.

5.	the huge tall seven trees were simply hit by making hole through them at 
one stroke by Lord Rama by aiming one arrow effortlessly.. Then he made the 
whole city lankA tremble with fear; That Parama krupaaLu Rama blessed us 
during the day time.. Even that (the day time) has gone. Of my friends! You 
are also not here. There is none to help me. The Sun also has gone into the 
Oceans. I- who longs to live- have been destined to be finished off by this 
long stretched night..

6.	Ramapiraan- who had bent the huge bow, has not yet come.. What can I do? 
The Sun, who showers light on us (on our lives), has also disappeared. The 
eyes of this maha paapi only have decided not to close..  I am not sure how 
long this long night going to be which is longer than kalpams…

7.	The One- who had churned the huge Ocean to get PiraaTTi; who had built 
the bridge across the ocean and killed the strong rAvaNan by making Him fall 
on the ground.. That SarvEshwaran has not yet come. The hot Sun, the young 
Moon, the sound of bell that is tied to the bulls- is simply finishing me 
off in its entirety. That cowherd cute Boy KaNNan’s flute is heard 
everywhere spreading every place. What else to say I don’t know..

8.	 The raja needhi started decaying and Jamadhagna muni was angry due to 
that. The Lord who had appeared as Parasuraman holding His “Parasu” the axe, 
has not yet come. Due to the unbearable chillness, the male bird hugs the 
female bird under its wings, and the sight of that in this dark night 
tortures me. Being alone at such long dark, chilly night is simply torturous 
and I don’t know what a paapi I am to suffer this way cruelly!

9.	My bangles have simply fallen off by suffering after the blissful great 
dream enjoyment I had of uniting with ThirukaNNaperumAn. This sound of bell 
tied to the bulls neck also torments me.. (Thinking of that cowherd Boy). 
Not only does this sound split my heart.. Also that night bird’s shrill 
voice also tortures me and kills this paapi..

10.	This ten is the lamenting suffering of the languishing girl who has 
tender breasts, longing to join the Feet of that large ocean coloured most 
merciful Lord. Kaliyan, the saviour of Thirumangai residents, composes this 
ten. Those who recite this ten, will be blessed to join the band at 
Srivaikunatm and be with Nithyasooris.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

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