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Srimath Sundara KaaNDa NavAham : third day/ Sargams 16-20( 154 slOkams)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 19:55:51 PDT

Dear Sri Raamachandra BhakthAs:

Today ( April 6) sargams 16-20 are to be recited.
>From now on , I will write about the next day's
paarAyaNa slOkams to get a preview:

Sargam 16: SeethAnusOchanam/Sorrow over the pitiable
           state of SeethA pirAtti at AshOka Vanam
Sargam 17: RaakshasI darsanam/The sighting of 
           the cruel Raakshasis , the jailors of SeethA 
Sargam 18: RaavaNAgamanam/ Arrival of the arrogant
           RaavaNA at AshOka vanam 
Sargam 19: SeethA varNanam/the description of
           the pitiable state of SeethA PirAtti            
Sargam 20: RaavaNa PrArthanA/ The pleading of
           RaavaNA before SeethA piraatti to
           accept him and his threats.

I will quote examples of two moving slOkams from
the sixteenthKaaNDam (from the day's paarAyaNam ):

maanyA Guruvineethasya LakshmaNasya GurupriyA
yadhi SeethApi du;khArthA kaalO hi durathikrama: 
Sargam 16.3

(Meaning): What other evidence one  needs to
cite the power of Kaala gathi , when one looks at
SeethA , the consort of RaamA and the object of
worship by LakshmaNA known for his reverence 
to elders ? 

bharthA naama param naaryA bhUshaNam bhUshaNAdhapi
yEshA thu rahithA tEna bhUshaNArhA na sObhathE
Sargam 16.26

(meaning); For the pathivrathais , their Lord 
is the only aabharaNam. Seethai , who is fit 
for wearing such aabharaNams did not shine
at AshOka Vanam , while She was not with Her
husband (She rejected those aabharanams).

Sri Raamachandra ParabrahmaNE Nama:
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan 

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