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Second Day of Sundara KaaNDa Navaaham : Sargams 6-15 (440 SlOkams)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 19:55:40 PDT

Dear Sri Ramachandra BhakthAs:
During this day , the 44o slOkams were recited
from the 10 sargams :

6th Sargam : RaavaNa Gruha pravEsam /entry into 
             RaavaNA's mansion
7th Sargam:  Pushpaka darsanam/sighting of the 
             Pushpaka VimAnam
8th sargam:  Pushpaka VarNanam /the description of 
             Pushpaka VimAnam
9th Sargam:  Pushpaka VaraNanam /Continuation of
             the beauty of the Pushpaka vimAnam
10th Sargam: MandOdhari Darsanam/seeing MandOdhari,
             the main wife of RaavaNA
11th sargam: Paana bhUmi vichaya:/search in the drinking
             halls of RaavaNA for Seethai
12th Sargam: HanumadhvishAdha:/The sorrow of HanumAn
             over not finding SeethA Piraatti
13th Sargam: HanumannirvEdha:/the agitation of HanumAn
             over not finfing SeethA PirAtti
14th Sargam: AsOkavanAnvEshaNam/The search in 
             the AsOkaa Forest 
15th Sargam: SeethA darsanam/Finding SeethA

The greatness of Sage VaalmIki as the greatest of
poets is experienced in his descriptions of the beauty
of the Pushpaka VimAnam .HanumAn's systematic search
inside the Pushpaka VimAnam  , drinking halls and
his sorrow over the futility of that search are
beautifully described by the Aadhi kavi VaalmIki.
HanumAn's arrival at AshOka Vanam with heightened
hope is described in the fourteenth sargam. In the 
fifteenth and concluding sargam for this day's PaarAyaNam , 
HanumAn succeeds in sighting SeethA PirAtti in
Her sad state of separation from Her dear Lord.
Sage VaalmIki has some exquisite slOkams full
of pathos to describe the fragile and weak
state of SeethA due to Her separation from Her 
PrANa Naayakan :

upavAsa krusAm dheenAm nisvasanthIm puna: puna:
DADARSA SuklapakshAdhou ChandrarEkAmivAmalAm 

(meaning): HanumAn then saw SeethA PirAtti, who
was thin due to the rejection of food .HanumAn
saw Her sighing repeatedly over Her misfortune
and She looked like the disc of the clear thin moon
at the prathamai thithi of Sukla Paksham. 

HanumAn's logic powers helps him ascertain that 
the lady whom he saw in AshOka Vanam is none 
other than SeethA PirAtti:

thAmm sameekshya VisAlAkshIm RaajaputhrIm aninindhithAm
tarkayaamAsa SeethEthi kaaraNairupapaadhibhi:

(Meaning): Through the use of his deductive skills ,
HanumAn concluded that the princess whom he saw at
the AshOkaVanam  with broad eyes was none other 
than SeethA Piraatti.

The last slOkam of thie 15th Sargam concludes this way :

yEvam SeethAm tadhA dhrushtvA Hrushta:Pavanasambhava:
jagAma manasaa Raamam prasasamsa cha thamm Prabhum

(Meaning): At this time, HanumAn, the son of Vaayu, 
was thrilled to think about the matchless chastity
of SeethA PirAtti and became joyous ; he thought of
Her Lord , Sri Raamachandran and began to eulogize Him.

Sri Raama Chandra ParabrahmaNE nama :
Daasan, Oppilaippan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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