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Sundara KAndam recitation

From: Srinivasan Rangaswamy (
Date: Sat Apr 01 2000 - 10:19:52 PST

 With reference to Sri Anbil Ramaswamy's message,followed by Sri Bharat's information about the availability of casset tape recordings.Srimad Andaavan Asramam has brought out a 9 volume CD set of Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam's Sundara Kanadam and this is rendered by His Holiness Srimad Andavan Swamigal Himself in a slow and melodious voice, so that ,anyone would like to do a Navaaha Paaraayanam can easily do it by keeping a text book with him /her.The practice gives the experience of practicing along with a GURU,so that the pronounciations are correct.I am wrting this because I myself has practiced as a Navaaha Paaraayanam and actually enjoying the effects of such a Paaraayanam.I wish that others also be benefitted,as adviced earlier by Sri Anbil Ramaswmy. Those reciding in US may contact Sri Ramanuja Mission.If unavailable there,they can arrange toget from India also or else you may send a request through an e mail to For Navaaha Paaraayanam CD set is better as yo!
u reach the beginning for each day can be obtained easily.9 volume CD set in US cost $100 plus mailing charges.More Information on this can also be seen in the website of Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam

Daasan,  R.Srinivasan


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