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Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 04:15:26 PDT

Dear Sri vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Continuing with adiyOmOdum ninnOdum pirivinRi aayiram pallaaNdu".

Izhi kulaththavargaLElum emmadiyaargaLaagil thozhumin, neer kodumin koNmin
enRu ninnOdum okka vazhipada aruLinaai - thirumaalai 42-

See the meaning here- Oh ranganaathaa! even, if, a person is considered as
born in low caste by others, You granted them the status of your adiyaar-
bhagavathaas- and further granted "please allow them to worship me, give
them the holy water (neer kodumin- give theertha prasaadham) you also take
water from them" etc and allowed us to worship you. [like any other by
granting them an equal status to you]. 

It can be considered also to mean for "neer kodumin koNmin" you have
material exchanges with such bhagavathaas- neer you, kodumin- give, koNmin-
take. So once a person becomes the adiyaar to the Lord, there is no caste
distinction etc. When he himself says wants and grants that kind of a
padhavi- "ninnodum okka arulinaai- he gives the status equal to him- then
where is the question of any separation from him. So it is but "adiyOmOdum
ninnOdum pirivinRi aayiram pallaaNdu".

Going over to the next line "vadivaai nin vala maarbinil vaazhginra
managaiyum pallaaNdu". 

Vadivu is roopam - form shape, figure, mould, pattern, cut, beauty.
Vadivaai- is formful shapeful etc. Let that beautiful person who resides in
your right chest also live long long years.  

The first and foremost reference comes to the mind is "agalagillEn enRu
alarmEl mangai urai maarbhaa" of nammazhvaar. "I am not leaving you, or
going to get separated from you" thus saying that person -named alar mEl
mangai, stays or resides in your chest. ["who also resides in the Lotus
flower" the chest of Lord itself is that lotus flower?]. When she is a
permanent resident in your chest, where is the question of separation, let
her also live pallaaNdu since already I have wished you one thousand and
many more years.

ThiruviLaiyaadu thiNthOL thirumaal irum chOlai nambi- 
nachchiyaar thirumozhi- 9-3

thiru - mahalakshmi is playing on the shoulders of that Lord, who is in the
place called "thirumaal irum chOlai" the azhagar koil- sundarath thOL
udaiyaan- sundara raajan- kaLLazhagar - there is no separation between the
thiru and azhagan- then let her also live pallaaNdu.

He gets a name maadhavan because he is inseparably having her maavai
dhariththuk knodiruppathaal maadhavan. He is also the Sreedharan- sree-ai
dhariththuk knodiruppathaal Sreedharan. So let both of you have thousands of
years of life- pallaaNdu.

On  further lines we will see in next post

Dasan Vasudevan M.G.

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