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Re: waking/dream/deep-sleep

From: Maniappan R (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 13:51:07 PDT

We hear about our acharya's have anubhavams of Perumal and Thayar coming to their dreams and guiding them. Is it that they get darshans in Deep sleep and able to feel the presence of divinity around them, whilst all others tend to be in deep sleep as you had mentioned?

Dasan, Maniappan.

Mani Varadarajan  Wrote: 

Since no one has volunteered an answer, I thought I'd take
a crack at it.

Kasturi Varadarajan writes:
> Dear friends,
>      I am looking for a good analysis of the states of waking, dream and
> deep sleep as understood in Ramanuja's system of thought. 

Hi Kasturi,

In these three stages, there is an inverse progression of

(a) In the waking state, the jIva is aware of things both
    inside and outside.  Its mental faculties are aware
    and able to perceive internal objects, and he is also aware 
    of the external world around him by virtue of its senses.

(b) While dreaming, the jIva is oblivious to the external
    world but aware of the internal world.  These internal
    experiences, in Ramanuja's philosophy, are not "random".
    They are yet another manifestation of one's karma, and
    the objects within the mind are not illusory -- they
    are very real objects in a different plane of consciousness
    created by God in accordance with some aspect of the jIva's 

    The text cited as an authority here is from the
    Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (jyotir brahmana?) where
    it is said "sa hi kartA" -- "He is the maker (of
    these objects in the dreams)."

(c) In deep sleep, the only thing that the jIva is aware of
    is the notion of "I" that constitutes the essence of its
    very being. It is neither aware of other internal objects
    nor any external, material objects. The same conscious
    jIva persists in deep sleep with no consciuosness of
    anything other than itself.

    In this state of deep sleep, the Brahma-Sutras state that
    the jIva is even unaware of the fact it is being embraced by
    God (Brahman).  Deep sleep is of utmost importance to the
    embodied jIva because it is a way for Brahman, unbeknownst
    to the jIva, to refresh the jIva as it goes through its
    daily toils through samsAra. This is why, it is explained,
    after a good night's sleep, one is thoroughly refreshed
    and able to take on yet another day in this world.

ramanuja dasan,

                  - SrImate raamaanujaaya namaH -

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