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Bless us

From: Vaidehi Venkatakrishnan (
Date: Wed Dec 14 1994 - 10:50:12 PST

Dear friends,

I am very happy to inform you that I am getting married in January in Madrs.
If any of you are visiting Madras in late January, please do come and grace our
wedding.  My contact ph no in Madras is 4915005.

My fiance' works for a company in Florida in the arae of Materials Engineering.
His name is Raja.

At this juncture when we enter Grahaprastha, we would like to have your well
wishes and prayers and blessings that we may live our lives together in
joy, harmony and engage in dharma as much as God would grace us to.

I will be in India from dec 28th through Jan 27th.

Wish you all a very happy holiday season and Happy New Year.  May you all enjoy
the celebration of Vaikunta Ekadasi-twice this year one today and one falls onthe 10th of January! (I maybe a little off on the Jan 10th date-please check.)
To the extent I can remember this is the first time I am hearing of Vaikunta
Ekadasi falling in Karthigai and being celebrated on two different dates.

EmperumaaNn's wish that we pray Him twice this year specially.

Since it happens to be Vaikunta Ekadasi, let me close by quoting a Thiruppavai
you all know very well.

ciRRaNY ciRukaalE vaNnthuNnNnaic cEviththuNn
poRRaa maraiyadiyE pORRum poruLkELaai
peRRam meinNthuNNum kulaththil piRanNthu- nNee
kuRREval eNGkaLaik koLLaamal pOgaathu
iRRaip paRaikoLvaaNn aNnRukaaN gOvinNdaa
eRRaikkum ezEzh pir  piRavikkum uNnthaNN
          EzEzh piRavikkum uNnthaNnNnOdu
uRROmE yaavOm uNnakkE nNaamaatci ceivOm
maRRai nNaNGkaamaNGkaL maaRRElO rempaavaai.

(Actually has 8 lines I lined it up to meet ceiyyuL ilakkaNam beginning with
the first word.  Apparently it is not so.  The poem is by Andal and is
complete, except lines have been merged somewhere.)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Maargazhi.  maal maNivaNNanaip paadi
magizhveeraga alongwith Andal.

Vaidehi V.