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"re: Prapatti:

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Tue Oct 04 1994 - 11:14:41 PDT

I appreciate the comments of Dr. Venkat Rao.  On that regard I would like
to just mention that I have a 50 page english article on prapatti. This was`taken from the PhD thesis of Dr. N.S. Anantharangachar.  I met him in Nov
of 1993.  So as to avoid copyright problems, I cannot copy the material and
send it to all the people who are interested under one condition
.  As per the conversation
with Dr. N.S. Anantharangachar, I can copy them and mail them to interested
people, provided, they send a check for $5 as a token, so that I can mail
the collected money back to the publishers through Dr. N.S. Anantha rangachar.
I have already send this article to some people I know.

This issue was agreed to by the concerned parties. by the way that book
is out of print.

Incidentally, Dr. SMS Chari has published a book on vaishnavism which
is available  at South asia book store : division of Motilal banarsidas.
Sudarshan has details on this book store. I would appreciate if he 
can publish the details of that book store, such as telephone no etc.
This book is excellent and a chapter on prapatti is very thorough.

I feel that, in addition to reading, one must sit with a guru and learn
details of this concept. Interested person should search for a guru.
IF a person cannot spend that much effort as to search for a guru to learn
the details of "prapatti" then his/her interest in that concept is questionable.
Till a person finds a guru, particularly in this country, it is OK to learn
through books.  even this shows that the reader has genuine interest.

I will answer to dileepan's views later when I have enough time.  
I would advise, if anyone has the book Rahasyatraya sara of vedanta desika
he/she should look into the introductory work    : guru parampara sara
it explains the need for a guru and the details of Bhagawadgita's short
instruction: " tad viddhi pranipaatena pari prashnena sevaya- upadekshyanti
te jnanam jnaaninaha tatva darshinaha:  which means : " know that
science of spirit, through prostration and service to a Jnani, they (jnanis)
will instruct you, they are the seers of the tatva (or origin of everthing).

I know of several people back in India who can teach this concept. If anyone
is interested and is visiting India, they can contact me for a list of
Gurus and their whereabouts.

My address is

Krishna Kalale
42 Mesa Place, Nanuet NY 10954
home no: 914-623-1154  
off 914-644-2695