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Re: purattaasi kEttaithanil puvi uthitthOn vaazhiyE!

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Mon Oct 03 1994 - 18:57:43 PDT

On Thu, 29 Sep 1994 10:47:32 -0700 Mani Varadarajan said:
>is usually done through an acharya, but I am of the opinion that
>PerumaaL will not refuse those who do it themselves in all
>sincerity. Such is His nature.

    Since my knowledge in matters relating to our tradition is
    between zero and none I am at a loss to appreciate the
    objections to the pesonal opinion expressed above.
    I do understand that we should not diminish the role of
    acharya for without their guidance we can't even start to have a
    spiritual life.  Swami dhEsikan calls upon all of us to
    start our daily prayers with \bt ennuyir thanthaLLitthavarai
    saraNam pukku...... \et.  However, our Lord being an ocean of
    kaaruNyam will he not save the one who for some reason is
    forced to perform saraNaagathi directly.

    Perhaps the objection  is not about the opinon,
    but only about expressing it in the impersonal net.  Then
    I have a question and a comment. The comment first, this
    group is less impersonal than an open Usenet news
    group, but I concede it is still not the same as
    face to face discussion.  My question: would not expressing such
    opinion and discussing them in a forum like this one
    give an opportunity for individuals like myself to gain a more robust
    understanding of our tradition?   This discussion in itself
    has raised my understanding a little bit.

    Due to my ignorance I may have said some silly things above.
    But I am genuinly interested in understanding why we should
    not discuss critical issues in a closed group such
    as ours.

regards,  dileepan