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Sri Raamaanujar and aazhvaar paasurams

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Sun Oct 02 1994 - 16:18:03 PDT

Badri recently asked how Sri Ramanuja was influenced
by the aazhvaars.  Pi. Sri. in the extraordinary
book "Sri Raamaanujar" published by SudhEsamitthiran (1964)
describes sri raamanujar learning thiruvaaymozhi
in the chapter "kaRRathum kRpitthathum."  Upon the urging
of thiruk kOshtiyUr nambi, thirumalai ANdAn of thiru
maaliruNYsOlai, also known as maalaatharar, started
thiruvaay mozhi lessons for sri ramaanujar.  However,
during the lessons sri ramaanuja was able to see many
hidden meanings in the pasurams that were not aparent to
thirumalai ANdAn.  This annoyed AndAn and he abruptly
stopped the lessons.  Later, thirukkOshtiyUr nambi
persuaded AndAn to resume the lessons.

thiruvaay mozhi is full of references to visishtaadvaitam
that surely influenced sri raamaanuja.

Here are just a few from mudhal patthu:

udalmisai uyirenak karanthengum paranthuLan (1.1.7)
     the Lord permeates the universe like our lives permeate our

paRRilan Isanum, muRRavum ninRanan (1.2.6)
     Isan muRRavum ninRanan => The Lord is inside everyone.

ninaintha ellaap poruLkatkum vitthaay  (1.5.2)
     Our Lord is the 'upaathanNa kaaraNam' for everything.

Unotti ninRen uyiril kalandhu (1.7.7)
     The Lord is merged into my life that is attached to my

en mey kalandhaanE (1.8.5)
     He is merged into my life.


P. Dileepan