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tengalai vadagali issues

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Fri Sep 30 1994 - 10:02:57 PDT

I just want to bring out my view on a issue that is fairly serious:

mani writes:

  Vadagalais, on the contrary,
belief that a separate surrender ('bhara-nyaasam' -- placing the
burden of achieving moksha upon Him) should be performed.  They
also call this prapatti, SaraNaagati, and Atma-nikShEpa. This
is usually done through an acharya,

 but I am of the opinion that
PerumaaL will not refuse those who do it themselves in all 
sincerity. Such is His nature.

My views on this:

I would advice mani on this particular issue not to mix personal views with
the views of the vadagalai sect.  The requirement of acharya is taken so
seriously in that sect and the requirements of 5 angas or requirements for
prapatti.  I think we as " Less informed " in this science should stay with
the original views as they are.  
personal views on these aspects should be carefully publicized. (preferably
not publicised unless you know the audience in person)
 We should not forget that Vedanta desika
did consider the idea of prapatti as a rahasya or secret. 

My only concern is that one might, after reading the mail, not approach 
an acharya for prapatti thinking that he is not needed.  This will be a 
grave mistake for the 
half informed aspirant.   

We as part time lovers of philosophy at best can be messengers of information
but not sources of information particularly on issues such as prapatti -
a subject, which is already under heated criticisms by opponent schools.
We can be sources of information if we have face to face conversation with
the audience or else mistaken information can be imparted to public.

I am not commenting on the personal view of mani.  He may or may not be
right. but on a network the true view of the vadagalai sect has to be 
represented.  Preferably for this particular aspect of prapatti, I would
advise the "serious aspirant on the network" to telephone or meet the
author of article or have one to one conversation ....

I hope, mani  you understand my point.

By the way, I enjoyed your previous article which de emphasizes the
differences between the two schools and gave a historical and 
geographical basis for the differences.