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Re: purattaasi kEttaithanil puvi uthitthOn vaazhiyE!

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Thu Sep 29 1994 - 12:50:33 PDT

On Thu, 29 Sep 1994 10:47:32 -0700 Mani Varadarajan said:
>For the Thengalai sampradaayam, this is it. The recognition that
>Sriman Narayana is the ultimate is the primary element in their
>"non-resistance" to His grace.  Vadagalais, on the contrary,
>belief that a separate surrender ('bhara-nyaasam' -- placing the
>burden of achieving moksha upon Him) should be performed.  They
>also call this prapatti, SaraNaagati, and Atma-nikShEpa. This
>is usually done through an acharya, but I am of the opinion that
>PerumaaL will not refuse those who do it themselves in all
>sincerity. Such is His nature.

    For Sri Ahobhila madam bharaNyaasam is done only through
    the azhagiya singar.  For munithrayam followers, I believe,
    bharaNyaasam can be done through anyone who occupies guru
    status, it could be one's father.  Someone more knowledgable
    can verify this.

    BharaNyaasam is also likened to getting married to the Lord
    assuming nayaki bhaavam.

>> There are some practices which I found to differ, the number of
>> times one does "sEvippu", for example.
>Yes, Thengalais only sEvikku once, but Vadagalais do it (at
>least) twice.  I'm not sure the reason for this. Though, in
>A.K. Ramanujan's book "Hymns for the Drowning", a translation of
>Nammaazhvar's poems, he cites an interview with a Thengalai
>acharya who says, "Don't prostrate before Him more than three
>times; don't work His heart that much. He'll come to you."
>Such a soft and beautiful statement of His affection for us!
>Very anthropomorphic, but I like it anyway.

     Four times is the norm, at least in our family.
     I believe during bharaNyaasam you are supposed to
     prostrate before the jeer non-stop until
     He asks you to stop.  Again, more knowledgable
     persons may please verify this.

regards,  dileepan