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Re: Origin

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Wed Sep 28 1994 - 11:21:23 PDT

K. Srinivsasan writes:
> Kannan Srinivasan asked me about origin of Iyengars.
> I thought the following might be interesting to others also.
> There were 74 disciples of Sri Ramanuja.

There were 74 *main* disciples of Ramanuja. These were the
scholar/students he had whom he nominated to spread the Srivaishnava
religion and philosophy.  These 74 were the "simhaasanaadhipatis".
He had "countless" others, according to the biographies. 

I wonder what happened to them all; perhaps many were killed during
Malik Kafur's invasion of Tamil Nadu a couple of centuries later?