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Verses from Stotra-Ratna of Sri Yamunacharya

From: Sudarshan Iyengar H3-378 (
Date: Mon Aug 01 1994 - 10:34:57 PDT

 In continuation to the trend of thought in Mani's posting from the 
VaradarAja PancASat here are some verses from Sri Yamunacharya's 
Stotra-ratna which echo similar sentiments.

 The stotra-ratna or the Jewel of Hymns is a lyrical masterpiece of
devotion. Melody of diction and loftiness of devotion are hallmarks
of this hymn.

It seems to be written in the language of those who have travelled up 
the mystical ladder. Each stanza presents outpourings of the poet's heart, 
in his attempt to obtain union with the Supreme. 

 Unless the spirit of devotion and self-surrender enters the hearts
of the reader, it will not be possible to appreciate the esoteric
content of the hymn completely. But one thing strikes out nontheless 
and that is the faith, conviction and freshness with which it reveals 
the spiritual moods of the poet-saint.

 with translation by Swami Adidevananda :
 (please correct my transliteration if it seems awkward)

         dhigshuchim vinItam nirbhayam mAmalajjam
            paramapurusha ! yO-ham yogivaryA gragaNyai.h  |
         vidhi shiva sanakA dhai.rdhyAtum atyanta dUram
            tav parijanbhAvam kAmaye kAmavrutta.h   || 47 ||

        "O Supreme Purusa, fie upon me, who am impure, immodest,
         audacious, impudent and self willed, and who desires the
         rank of Thy servant, which even those
         worthy of being counted foremost among supreme yogins, such
         as Brahma, Siva and Sanaka cannot conceive in their minds" 


        durantasyAnAder pariharNeeyasya mahtO
           nihInAcArO-ham nrupashura shubhasyAspadamapi   |
        dayAsindhO ! bandhO ! nirvadhika vAtsalya jaldhE !
           tav smAram smAram guNaguNa mithI'cHAmi gatabhI.h  || 58 ||

        "Even though I am a base-behaved beastly man and the abode of
        great, inescapeable, beginningless and ominous sins, O ocean
        of Mercy, O Parent, O sea of boundless affection, freed from 
        all fear by remembering Thy infinite attributes again and 
        again, I pray in the above manner"