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varadaraja panchasat

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Thu Jul 28 1994 - 13:53:39 PDT

This is a followup on a particular aspect of Mani's post on 
varadaraja panchasat:

I just want to make a comment on the concept of 
"avyaaja vatsala" - which means "God is merciful without any reason"

Note that mercy of god is evoked at different levels.

1. avyaaja vaatsalya - (or sahaja kaarunya)  God has this to all souls or all his children without
any discrimination.  God uses this aspect of his mercy to take every little
thing done by a soul to absolve and encourage good acts for spiritual upliftment.

for example - even if a person chases a animal on a circuitous route and
if it happens that there was a temple in the middle of the circuit, god
thinks that this person circumambulated me ie. saluted me so I will have
to help him and reduce his paapa karmas.  then probably he will give achance
of nearness to a spiritual guru or some other good opportunity.

this is known as yaadricchika sukruta visesha - or unintended punya done by 
people.  Even in this example people may feel that this is not an appropriate
example since there was a reason for evoking god's mercy.  Probably
a better example is indicated in the idea that - God has natural mercy to
all of his citizens to constantly look after and yearn for the well being
of them just as a parent has a natural instinct to protect and wish for the
good of her children.

COULD give MOKSHA without the aspirant do anything for it?

For this Vedanta Desika in his Rahasya traya sara answers:

a).  Then it will result in everyone getting moksha instantaneously - which
is against our experience since we see most of us stuck here for good!

b).  Many proofs from smrithis indicate - sarvajnopi hi deveshaha 
rakshaa pekshaam apekshate - Even though God is all Knowing and he 
knows that we need salvation - He expects an aspirant to express an earnest
request for Moksha - through a method - Bhakti or Prapatti

c.).  this is the basis of Free will.  God does not want anyone to regret after
getting a sanction for moksha,  if anyone feels " O God why did you
give moksha to me.  I was so happy down there..... sipping coffee and watching
the trial of O.J Simpson's murder case!!!!.  You should'nt have done that to
me...".  God wants to be sure that the aspirant wants moksha and he is 
willing to forego the fun??? in this world.  For this one has to excercise
one's free will to conciously work for salvation.

For attaining Moksha one has to evoke God's "vishesha Kaarunya" or special
mercy which is different from "avyaaja vaatsalya or avyaaja kaarunya"

This is the line of thought using which Vedanta Desika objects to
"Tengalai school of Moksha Upaaya" or method for attaining moksha.

Some Tengalai pundits object to this and state:

God is sarvajna . all knower,  he knows my problems.  does a baby have to
beg its mother for milk. similarly God will do what is good for his children
without being asked.  We are like a material possessions to God. ie if you own a
pen don't you take care of it without being requested by the pen?? 

For this Vedanta Desika..... In my own words..... answers:

If you want Masaala Dosa wont you drive up or walk up to the restaurant, order
it and pay for it.  You do exercise your "kartrtva" or Agency.  Why dont you
excercise this agency for Moksha.. And this act of "Surrender" or 
Prapatti for moksha is not as difficult as Bhakti Yoga and you can sure do it..

Just thought that it is nice to share this piece of info.....