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New member of group

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Fri Jul 22 1994 - 13:20:38 PDT

Hi everyone,

I recently added a Dr. Venkat Rao to our mailing list. Here
are some words of introduction from him.


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Subject: Re: Hello
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 1994 21:26:15 -0500 (CDT)
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Yes! I  have started getting mail from the group. I am generally slow to 
start on anything. I must get to know first the trends and views and 
people before I add, comment, negate, confirm and do such things.

This brings the subject of introducing myself  to you all which I have 
been waiting to do. I am 76, retired more than once from professionalism 
and if anything, I am somewhat tired. The last job I had was teaching as 
an adjunct faculty member of the Dept.of Electrical and Communication 
Engineering at the University of Texas.

I lead a relatively low-profile life along with my wife who is 68. Four 
children and 6 grand-children constitute my immediate family, all living 
their own life in different places.

Vaishnavism is a special word for me and Ramanuja Ethiraj holds a special 
place in my heart. Most of my younger days were spent at or close to 
Srirangam and part of my family and friends still live there. In the past 
thirty and odd years I had lived abroad, that is one Kshetra I had 
visited in India far more times than any other place. 

I am a student of Srivaishnavism and a serious one at that. Give me time 
to think and say things sensible and if I must communicate, I shall do so.

I enjoy reading everything that comes to me on the subject. I have 
special regard for Sudarshan Iyengar ( of 
Austin. I have learnt many things from my discussions with him. I am 
hoping to do so with you all in the group.

My regards to everyone.

venkat rao
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