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re:varadaraja panchasat

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Wed Jul 20 1994 - 08:49:19 PDT

Mani, and the rest,

your citation from varadaraja pachasat is great. I like that sloka very
much.  I have a commentary on varadaraja panchasat from 
karur srinivasacharya - in sanskrit which was translated by 
Filloziat - a french person who did his phD or some degree in the philosophy

the philosophical doctrinal values of the slokas are profound -

in fact he refers in one sloka about:

Many have been confused by the terms :

Bramha, Shambhu, Siva, Atma, etc. `

 Not knowing these terms and the 
real meanings different opinions have been formed, For one who knows
these terms and their meanings the apparent controversies are solved.

I am quoting from memory. But I suggest this sloka is important to keep in
touch.  I even knew some verses by heart. I should brush of on it.

Incidentally, I met an Advaitic Acharya - Swami Paramananda Bharathi - of
Sringeri.  I attended many discourses of his.  He is very brilliant.  He
even has quoted from "Nammalvar" in his books.  He feels that Nammalvar
is a yogi of the highest order and his sayings are wonderful. THis was very
nice to hear from a person from Advaitic tradition.  I was trying to indicate
the polemic arguments from satadushani etc. He indicated that polemic views
do not get anyone to the truth. The differences between Visistadvaita and
Advaita are closer to differences in semantics and in real are not very
different.  Particularly his proof of Nirguna was very startling:

I said if bramhan is nirguna how can you associate creation to him. 
the sutras and upanishads describe bramhan as the creator sustainer and
the consumer of the worlds - note consumer means - tallaya ie. world fuses
with him. this is the meaning of sarvam khalvidam bramha - tajjalaan iti 
saantha upaaseetha.

For this he said:  we agree with gunas for issues pertaining to bramhan
and the world surely.  If you see everything is bramhan - ie. creation is
bramhan, the world is bramhan, destruction is bramhan.  In this state we
cannot see the bramhan but in real everything is bramhan. then there is
nothing else.  since gunas make sense only when there are two things, if there is essentially one gunas make no sense. nirguna does not mean "attribute less"
most advaitic scholars have meant it to be so. but the real belief is
beyond all relative terminologies.

To this extent visistadvaita and advaita do agree, since Ramanuja himself says
that at moksha - one experiences as described by the verse:

Aham Bramhasmi.

Not that the differences between advaita and visistadvaita does not exist,

but to a large extent they coincide. and particularly Swami Paramananda Bharathi's
views indicate , that for one's progress in spirituality it is better to follow
a view point and live by it rather than delving in argumentative approach.

"atmaanam eva jaanatha anyaaam vachaam vimunchatha " which states -

know him alone do not waste time in other useless talk.  time is running out!

I thought I could just share my interview with swami.