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Re: tat-tvam-asi debate

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Fri Jun 24 1994 - 11:28:54 PDT

NOTe sudarshan your double pruning is correct regarding advaitins 
view on tattwam asi. but you have to properly prune both the 
objects " tat " and tvam.

tat should mean according to advaitin - ishwara , devoid of all adjuncts
that makes him an it is bramhan (nirguna only) without the
maya adjuncts which make him  appear as ishwara is the same bramhan 
as the the jeeva - devoid of all adjuncts that make bramhan appear
as finite jeeva.

note the clear double pruning alll the way.  this was not clear in 
your statement. only then the "art" or " are" part of the statement
can be taken to mean " identical"

Please let me know where you got your double pruning algorithm? I 
hope this is not from standard authors!! oops.