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Re: Sri Ramanuja and Sri Andal

From: Vaidehi Venkatakrishnan (
Date: Fri Jun 10 1994 - 09:54:30 PDT

You are correct about the explanation.  Dr. Narayamnan says that eventhough he
(rAma  Ramanuja belonged to a later time period, because he fulfilled Andal's
desire, he is referred to as Koyil Annan - literally meaning brother -elder
brother in the temple and since 

Sorry for the incomplete words/ sentences.

Having designated him as elder brother, anyone else is considered younger
and hence pinnanaL (literally means followed -implying order in some abstract
family ties or because both contributed enormously to Vaishnava samprathayam
and were such ardent devotees of Govinda).

I will follow this up with a meaning of the verses.

Vaidehi V.