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ThiruvallikkENi ...

From: Vaidehi Venkatakrishnan (
Date: Tue May 31 1994 - 11:37:17 PDT

Yes there are quite a few songs on ThiruvallikkENi as it is one of 108
Thiruppathi and both the place and Lord have been abundantly praised and
worshiipped.  Also has the place where Peyyalvar (is this correct or maruvi
vanda word for Periyarvar?) was said to have resided.

In those verses about Triplicane, the descriptions seem like that of a place
with lots of very elaborate structures and similar to palaces eg.
maadamaligai thannil thiruvallikkENi kandEnE  ..  However it is one of the
most edensely  populated areas in Madras and now even the beautiful
Theppakkulam is completely dry.  There used to be an annual 10 day Theppotsavam
with the deity decorated and taken around the tank in a boat structure.  (to
go into that after the procession around the central mandap stops used to be
a thrill for us as children).  Lots of things have perhaps changed since the
time of Alvaars.

But madama maili  mayilai thiruvallikkENi kandenE  refers not to Mylapore
but  "peacocks dancing on the upper storeys of buildings"  was a common
sight in Triplicane.  (in his days perhaps.  There is though a place called
Vasantha Utsava bangala, in which a Vasantotsavam is done and even today it
is a beautiful garden and certainly must have been larger and denser in 
earlier days, inviting enough for peacocks to live and dance merrily).

Also I think the earlier part of the verse could be split differently:
puLLoorthu senRu, niRaazhi (ninz   ninRu+aazhi) thottanal
thottanai ThiruvallikkENi kandEnE

----  definitely refers to his speedy   
                           His immediate abhayam for Gajendran ..
For res  (sorry for the many typos - I am typing with one hand having had
surgery in my other hand and end up with lots of typos)

For reasons I can't remember,  Chakram is always referred to ninRaazhi -yes
I think I remember now,  Chakram is never supposed to be still not even for
a second, and is NinRaazhi.

The face of the utsava mut  murthy of Parthasarathy temple , except for his eyes
is not smooth and ridged without gap with what seems to be deep wounds.  It is
said that several attempts were made to smooth the face, but could not be done.
Triplicane is supposed to be the place where Lord Krishna after the Pandava
War having been the Sarathy of Partha (hence Parthasarathy) came to rest.  It
is believed that the face of the utsava murthy is so as it represents all the
arrows the Lord Himself bore during that war.

The Moolavar is a gigantic figure of some 9-10 feet with 
a huge moustache that is removed only for the month of Maarghazhi for thailak-
kappu.  He looks very fierce and stern with the moustache, but once it is
removed,  the face is so divinely kind and santham looking.

I guess I have digressed enough.  Even though the place itself is crowded
and the temple to some extent has been commercialized,  every day of the year
there is a celebration to one of the deities.  (has Ramar, Ranganathan,
Anchaneyar with all the Alvaars, Vedavallith Thayar,  Varadarajar,
Lakshmi Narasimhan, Andal, Ramanujar, Madhurakavigal, Periyalvar, Nammalvar
sannidhis, with a  two kalyana mandapams, and a spacious courtyard that
doubles as Thirumanjana mandapam and stage for musicians to perform )- has
an exterior enclosed area for paththi ulaathal - it is unbelievable the
extent and variety of decorations to the deities and day after day they
complete the cvarious sevas on time and keep up the punctuality- at 4 am in
Maargazhi for eg the Lord would have been bathed and completely and appropriately dressed for the type of seva for the day!!! in great glory and splendour)

If u have not seen this place, when u make a trip to India, pl. go and have

I got carried away thinking of Parthasarathy perumaL...  may u enjoy His
blessings too.

Vaidehi V.