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jaayamaana kataaksham

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon May 30 1994 - 20:08:55 PDT

Jaaya maaana kataaaksham means - The grace of lord at birth itself.

ie. usually this comes in philosophical works particularly srivaishnavite
literature.  there is a verse which Sri Vedanta Desika quotes in
Rahasya traya saara.  "jaaya maaanam hi purusham yam pasyet madhu
soodanaha- sa vai mokshaartha chintakaha" --- The quest for attaining
moksha arises in that lucky soul who is blessed by the grace of 
Madhusoodhana at birth itself.  This indicates that due to past punya
karmas some people turn out to be seekers of the divine feet of the 
lord.  They naturally seek the highest goal of life and continously
work towards it in their lifetime.  

In essence jaaya maana kataaksham is the grace of lord which enables
interest in "nivritti marga" or salvation or any other worthy pursuit.