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From: Vaidehi Venkatakrishnan (
Date: Thu May 19 1994 - 20:39:14 PDT

i am testing my email route to bhakti (may be my attempts at bhakti need a
serious revamp - both lightly and in some sense seriously ).  Anyway, I
learnt of the newsgroup alt.hindu only today.  Some articles seem relevant
to bhakti, and their aim seems to be " a moderated?  discussion on all
aspects of hindu dharma".  Any of u have been following this ng? Comments
would be welcome.

Depending on what is written, and interest, more members could be added to

Bhakthi margam is supposed to be the easiest way to attain mukthi.  I have
trouble even establishing this connection, hm.  ( if jokes are out, let me
know, i will keep my postings humourless!)

vaidehi v.