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Five angas of prapatti

From: P. Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.BITNET)
Date: Thu May 19 1994 - 17:57:24 PDT

In adaikkala patthu,  a tamizh prabhandam, Swami Desikan
performs prapatti to Lord Varadaraja (aruL varadar) of Kanchi.
With these ten pasurams we can learn everything about prapatti.  I
want to discuss the fifth pasuram here that describes the five
angaas of prapatti.  Following is a transliteration of the verse.

ugakkum avai uganNthu ugavaa vanaitthum ozhinNthu uRavu guNa
miga thuNivu peRa uNarnNthu viyan kaavalena varitthu
jagatthil oru pugal illaath thavam aRiyEn mathiL kacchi
nagar karuNai naathanai nal adaikkalamaay adainNthEnE

1. The first angam is anukoolya sangalpam

ugakkum avai   = that which is pleasing to the Lord
uganNthu       =      performing the above

A prapanna is determined to act only in ways that will please the

2.  The second angam is praathi koolya varjanam

ugavaa vanaitthum     =    all that displeases the Lord
ozhinNthu             = spurn the above

Equally, the prapanna is determined not to act in ways that will
displease the Lord.

3.  The third angam is  maha visvaasam

uRavu guNam
uNarnNthu      =      realizing the nature of the relationship
                      between jiva and paramaathma

miga thuNivu peRa     =    determined to receive His grace

The prapanna is sure, without a trace of doubt, of the fact that the
lord will grant salvation.  (Drowpathi let go of her hold on her
vasthram and the Lord immediately came to her rescue.)

4.  The fourth angam is  gOpthruthva varaNam

viyan kaaval ena varitthu   =    Pleading to the Lord that prapatti is as
                                 the only course for our salvation

Prapanna is convinced that the other upaayams (karma, bhakti,
etc.) are beyond his capacity and prapatti is the only way.

5.  The fifth anga is kaarppaNyam

jagatthil oru
        pugal illa    =    not knowing any way to reach His Lotus
thavam aRiyEn  = unable to perform any other penance
                 (viz. karma, gyana, bhakti yoga etc.)

The prapanna pleads to the Lord with utmost humility to grant

The remainder of the verse is Swami Desikan s act of surrender to
karuNai naathan, i.e. the Lord of KaaruNyam.

The above is based on Sri Desika Prabhandam by vangeepuram Sri
Rama Desikaacharyar Swamy.  Published by LIFCO.  My
translation skills are really inadequate, but I have given it my best
shot.  Thanks