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Re: New mailing list

From: Sudarshan Iyengar H3-378 (
Date: Wed May 18 1994 - 16:47:14 PDT

  Hello Bhaktas and Prapannas, 
           The setting up of such a mailing list is a good beginning
 for discussing and enjoying the philosophy and enduring lifes of 
 our acharyas. Good job Mani!  

     It has been about 8-1/2 years since I arrived in this country.
 Currently, I am working at Motorola in their Microprcessor design group  
 in Austin Texas. I have been keenly interested in the study of 
 Visistadvaita and my chance "meeting" with Krishna & Mani on the 
 The Internet, has only accelerated that interest.
     Several discussions with Mani & Krishna have been very valuable in
 developing an appropriate understanding of our philosophy and it's
 application to daily life. Even though one needs guidance from a guru 
 for indulging in any spiritual upliftment, the discussions themselves
 have provided an awakening to the richness of our philosophical heritage.

    The element that strikes me most, in Sri Ramamuja's philosophy seems 
 to be the crystallisation of the abstract concepts of the upanisads into
 daily activity. The Wholesome-ness of the approach provides a rich 
 and enduring tapestry to the spiritual quest. Intellect & Intuition seem
 to be part & parcel of the approach. 

   Mere intellectual debate is insuffcient to arouse the deep rooted 
 passion & attachment that the jiva inherently possesses for the Lord.
 The nearness (upasana = upa+sameepe) created by Saranaagati is matchless
 in it's quality to "totally-uplift".(Provided, it's done with maha-vishvaasa)

 Unconditional surrrender seems to be the climax of intellectual effort.
 Re: The discussion of Aprathak-siddhi : I have the entire discussion but
 it is over 800 lines and I think it will be difficult to read in one 
             Why don't we just start fresh with newer questions  
 (same topic or a different one:- whatever is suitable to the group).

 glad to be on the list,