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Re: New mailing list

From: Vaidehi Venkatakrishnan (
Date: Wed May 18 1994 - 09:39:36 PDT


Not knowing the discussion upto this point, I would like to suggest that this
would be a good time to start a discussion on what has been said about
Dvaita, Advaita andV Vishishtadvaita.  Except in concept, I do not have enough
material to quote or refer to.  I would though at a later time.

Bhakthi seems like a very nice venture, thanks Mani for initiating it.

IRRaip paRaikoLvaan anrukan Govinda
ERRaikkum ezhez piravikkum undanodu
UrRRomE aavOm unakkE namatchi cheivOm
MaRRai nangamangal mAARRElOr embhavai.  - Vanpuduvai Nagar KOthai, Andal
in Thiruppavai.

meendum sandhikkum varai,

vaidehi v.