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Re: New mailing list

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Wed May 18 1994 - 09:00:45 PDT

hello there,

Let me introduce myself.  I work in NYNEX in New York, (White Plains). 
I have been communicating with sudarshan and Mani for couple of years now.
I have met Mani. but have not met sudarshan or any one else in the group.
the discussions on email have been quite fruitful. they definitely open up
new ways of thinking and reinforcing the concepts of our philosophical system.

We recently had a nice discussion on doctrine of "Aprthak Siddhi". 


Krishna Kalale
914-644-2695 (work)  914-623-1154 (h)
surface mail:
42 Mesa Place
Spring Valley, NY 10977


good job regarding the "bhakthi" group.   by the way you never sent email in reply to the
last mail I wrote regarding the aprthaksiddhi doctrine.  

recently I heard one more corroboration by NS Anantharangachar regarding
aprthak siddhi doctrine.  this does mean one cannot be without the other
but still the dependence is on paramatma - because of "satyatva" or 
"God is Nirupaadhika sattaa" - Un conditionally existent". this aspect makes
the aprthak siddhi doctrine sort of one sided even though jeeva and jada
are indestructible... they will never go away.  so says the sruthis.