Concluding Invocation

The Purusha Sooktam closes, as it began, with that unique and wonderful invocation to peace. In peace all begins, and in peace all ends. All we work for is so peace may flourish.

[Note: The following is not part of the Purusha Sukta proper. However, it is often chanted at the end and is found in many printed editions.]


This translation is dedicated to my great grandfather, Mahomahopadhyaaya Manaloor Veeravalli Ramanujacharyar. Its faults are mine alone.The spirit that moved and enthused me to even attempt this is his, and what he inspires. I did not know him in life. This is my small attempt at remembering him, as he deserves to be remembered - in learning, in respect, in humility, and most of all, in trying - for his spirit of doing was indefatigable.

-- V. Sundar Purusha Sukta: